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    And you thought Google was cool - Start-up seeking financial partners

    adreka Newbie
      Hello there:

      We are out to change the world, with regards to how businesses
      communicate to their customers through advertising.
      We are in the process of creating the ultimate media platform, that
      unites all media on a single exchange (traditional and interactive). In
      the most basic sense, Adreka will 1) tell an advertiser what advertising
      medium(s) is best for their customer base, 2) allow them to purchase
      those media channels, 3) allow the advertiser to create their
      commercial, radio spots, billboard, etc, (creative assets), 4) deploy
      those assets across multiple networks, and 5) monitor the effectiveness
      of the media in terms of ROI for the advertiser, and 6) give smart
      recommendations on what to do next.
      We are generating revenues that is sustaining our growth, and are
      currently building the exchange in tandem with our customers needs, but
      seek angel / early VC's to propel our passions.
      Contact me if you have any interest. We all have a long track record of success, and can provide full proformas, presentation, technology demo, and company financials.

      I look forward to your response.

      All the best ,

      John Cataldi