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    Direct email marketing to Boat Owners

    BCollection Newbie
      I'm new to this forum and I really enjoyed reading it for the first time.
      I have an online store for selling boat parts and accessories, marine electronics, fishfinders, radars, fishing accessories and other boat and water related products. My website is working great and I have very loyal customers who purchase several times a moth. I need to increase my website traffic and I was looking for a direct email marketing. By that I mean I need a company that can send my advertising emails to all boat owners. Is there any company that you know to provide this type of service?

      Thank you.
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          Direct marketing may not work very well in your case, because most of them don't know what people are interested in buying.

          Since you are running online store, you should consider to find your buyers online. Here is what I suggest.

          1. Optimize your web site for people who search on the Internet
          2. Join online boat or water sports related community with your web site in your signature
          3. Write boat related article and submit to boat related magazine or news
          4. Go to Craigslist to post your Ads
          5. Start affiliate program and ask your existing customer to find new customers for you and they will get a little commission.

          All about will cost you little or nothing to start with. One you have the process in place. You can outsource or hire staff to do that for you.

          Direct email marketing may end up kill you business due the SPAM.

          Good luck!
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            Analysight Newbie

            Direct e-mail marketing should work very well for your business. You can obtain the services of ConstantContact, an E-mail Service Provider (ESP), for as low as $15 per month, which would allow you to e-mail your customer list regularly. ConstantContact helps you get started with templates - whether a newsletter, a promo e-mail, an e-mail greeting card, or an e-mail invitation, - enables you to design, schedule, and administer your e-mail piece. ConstantContact also enables you to determine which e-mail addresses were undeliverable, how many were undeliverable, etc., as well as how many opened your e-mail, and clicked any links in it. This will enable you to track their behavior and tailor future e-mail campaigns.

            I would start by creating e-mail marketing pieces that are more like e-newsletters: mostly information (stories, tips, etc.) for boating or fishing enthusiasts, or any one who buys your products. You might put a small section in there that offers a coupon, or special promotion. Also, place a link in your e-mail message for your customers to click on to forward to their friends. Most times, boat enthusiasts befriend other boat enthusiasts. You'll thus be able to grow your contact list in no time.

            What's nice about ConstantContact is that it's inexpensive and allows you to "do it yourself."

            BCollection, I'd be more than happy to answer any additonal questions you might have.

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              M4unow Newbie
              Hi B,

              My company specializes in exactly what you are looking for.
              If you need asssitance, don't hesitate to email me


              Gina Gray
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