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    Victorian Wood Cabinet “Hope Chest”

    tradedude Adventurer

      Victorian Wood Cabinet "Hope Chest"
      My sister arriving in a few weeks to visit has me motivated to do some redecorating. I've decided to repaint my guest room and buy a few new items for the room. Trying to keep on a budget for this project I've been searching the internet for items and ideas. So many places to look and what a variety of items you can find online at your fingertips. I came across a Victorian Wood "Hope Chest" Cabinet on the site at a reasonable price. Hand painted florals in the treasured colonial tole tradition lend enchanting old-fashioned beauty to this graceful "hope chest" cabinet. The footed chest features a spacious storage compartment which is felt lined and will make a very nice place to store away keepsakes. The room is coming together nicely and only needs a few more accent pieces that I'm hoping to find at the local yard sales this weekend...if only they would list their items on the classified and auction sites like iWannaTrade...