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      For decades companies have been paying the standard 20-25% recruiting fee to headhunters. In today's economy, small company's just can't afford to pay ridiculous placement fees. Many company's have turned to advertising their jobs on online job boards to find talent. What happens? They pay $500-$1000 to advertise their opening and they receive hundreds and hundreds of unqualified resumes and spend all day and night sifting through those resumes only to find frustration. Talenthog is a team of professional recruiters that belong to EVERY online resource and we help company's fill their positions quickly for $995 or less. We do all the sifting and hand our clients the top 3-5 candidates available. They focus on their business while we take care of the recruiting.

      We are growing like crazy and bringing on AFFILIATES to spread the word about Talenthog. We are interviewing and identifying about 3 affiliates per major metropolitan area and giving each affiliate approximately 20,000 small to medium size businesses to target. Unlike franchising where you have to plop down a big franchise fee, our affiliates pay nothing to join.

      As an affiliate, you keep 75% of every dollar you earn and pay a small monthly fee to be a part of the network. We give you training, support, and best of all......WE DO ALL THE RECRUITING! You invest about 90 seconds telling your local company's how we can help them fill their openings for less and we handle all of the merchant processing, all the recruiting, and all of the headaches. We have some clients using us 5-7 times per month so they can TOP GRADE their staff. Now more than ever, good candidates are available.......we find those candidates and help you make money in the process.

      We help people hire talent in almost every area: Medical, Technical, Legal, Technical, Engineering, Accounting, Administrative, etc...

      Go to and check out what we do. We are the real deal. This is not a get rich quick scheme. The more phone calls you make, the more contacts you make, the more networking you do.....the more money you make.

      Give us a call and you'll see what our current affiliates are enjoying.

      Bill Cullen
      Director of Affiliates
      877-577-4647 x706