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    How to get discount from manufacturers?

    NatOnline Tracker

      I am wondering how to get a discount from manufacturers. Usually I am ordering from my main manufacturer between 1000 - 3000 merchandises every 4 months, I recently asked a discount and it was denial. How can I deal with them?

      Any advises are greadly appreciated,

      Thank you
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          Marzipan Wayfarer
          Are you locked into a contract - where you agreed to by X amount each month? If not, I think the best way to get a discount is to let the manufacture know that they have competition, that other suppliers have a more aggressive price. You may need to do some homework - such as contacting other suppliers. But, once you do - you'll have something concrete to negotiation with. Also, who knows - you may decide to switch providers! I hope that helps. Remember, as long as you are paying- you are in control.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Discounts from Manufacturers. Good question.
            It would help to know more about you and your business. Like what do you order.
            How long you have been using this (one??) manufacturer??
            Is there competition?? are there other manufacturers who can supply you with same product??
            Now that you have been denied - -TWO suggestions
            One - - Find out if there is a larger number that you have to order to get a discount??
            Two - - Are you paying your bills TIMELY?? Maybe if you offer to pay faster, like in 10 days
            instead of 30, they might consider the discount request.
            And as i said before, maybe it is time to shop the competition.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                NatOnline Tracker

                ok, we order some Hawaiian bath and body products from 3 different manufacturers for now. We are in business for two and half years with our main manufacturer. Yes there are competition but not on all the products they are selling. I can get different manufacturers but people like these products.


                Well we cannot buy a larger quantity because these products are not forever, and we prefere to get a quick turn around, so the products are not old when we are selling them.

                We pay when we order, like always with credit cards, so they've got their money right away. We don't want to use COD.
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  Luckiest, You can go to their website It would be very hard for them to shop the competition considering the product they carry.

                  Who did you speak to at the manufacturers? You may have gotten a lower echelon worker trained to say 'no'. Ask to speak to the owner. Do you have a special account manager? If not you may want to ask for one. An account manager would know your order and payment history and would be able to work with you better, who want s to loose business over something like a volume discount?

                  Then of course you may be dealing with the Hawaiian attitude towards mainlanders or 'howlies' as they are called. Been there done that one too.
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                      NatOnline Tracker
                      My wife was dealing with the wholesales general manager. So I am a little bit surprise they did not offer a discount as requested on a specific product.

                      But that's ok, we will carry only the popular products from them in the futur, and add a different line of products from someone else to find a good balance. Having a main manufacturer is not good, I prefer many little one and switch as needed.

                      Thank you
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                    teacup Wayfarer

                    If they are unwilling to reduce the price, are the willing to provide more merchandise for the same cost? At the very least, maybe you can ask them to remove the shipping/handling/service fees for being a returning customer, etc. Never hurts to ask. They can just say no.