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    How to raise my credit score

    Stylista Newbie
      Does anyone know how to raise your credit score. I will be applying for a loan and I want to raise my credit score.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          How to raise my credit score, Welcome.

          Tell us more. Give us some history. Who are you??

          the more you share, the better the answers
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            phanio Pioneer
            There are lots of ways to raise your credit score. The first and most important is to pay all of your current obligations on time and as agreed. Other thing to do is to get as much revloving credit as you can - but DO NOT MAX IT OUT. Use only a little, do it sparingly. The goal here is to show that you can manage the credit you have. If you have $10,000 in unsecured credit and have maxed it out - your score will fall. If you only use a small portion - say 10% - the FICO calculation will determine that you know how to use your credit.

            You will need at least three trade lines on your credit - one should be a term loan - but, have at least three.

            If you currently have a lot of credit - you can consolidate it into one low affordable payment. This will help your credit score and free up your personal cash flow. With this economy, there are plenty of companies that can help you consolidate. Thus, it will show your other accounts paid as agreed (which stays on your reports for 7 to 10 years) and that your revolving credit is being used properly with low or no balances.

            If you are seeking funds to start or grow a business - there are also a few companies that are lending to persons with little or no credit. They understand that little credit or no credit or even some minor blemishes are just par for the course in this economy and they will work with you.

            You can find more information about all of these on our website - - no cost to use our site and you will find information and resources regarding consolidating debt (personal and unsecured debt), improving credit and access to business capital to start or grow a business. Again, no cost - just information and resources to help you in business.

            Business Money Today
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              money4u Wayfarer
              There is a way to get you a 750 credit score within 12-14 weeks. For more information call me 401-942-3330.

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                bizconsultant Scout
                There are several ways:
                a) Pay down balances to 35%
                b) Increase your DTI ratio (debt to income)
                c) Get rid of any past due accounts

                For information and resources that can help with credit issues go to
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                  Vince Adventurer
                  Very timely question. Experian is coming to SBOC tomorrow to talk all about how to raise your business credit score.

                  Check out the event post below.
                  Event:  How to increase your business credit score
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                      ChestnutLake Newbie
                      Vince --
                      Expirian was useful, although they did spend a lot of time selling Experian's services.

                      I asked a question that did not get answered (during the session). Would appreciate your help if you can get the answer:

                      Is there any way to get a list of vendors who report to Experian? For example:
                      • U-line,
                      • Staples,
                      • Home Deport,
                      • others ???
                      We have certain vendors that do not report. For example, UPS. We have an open account, but they keep all credit records internal to UPS.

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                      Whatever you do, please remember to keep personal credit away from business credit. Here is a short writing I put together:


                      Good luck!

                      Ilya Bodner
                      Small Business Owner
                      Initial Underwriting Group
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                        HarmikBurbank Wayfarer
                        that is a great quation ChestnutLake how can we add small vendor like ATT, office depot and other vendors that we work with to our credit score


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                            ChestnutLake Newbie
                            HarmikBurbank -- Thanks.

                            We need the participation of the BoA moderator (or Experian) to help with this process. Or perhaps some small business vendors could participate.

                            Whether we use (Staples vs Office Max vs Office Depot) or (Sprint vs ATT vs T-Mobile) or (Vendor-A vs Vendor-B) would certainly be influenced in our case by which one reports to Experian.

                            If we knew that a prospective vendor would report our payment history to Experian (or another business credit reporting agency) that would influence our decision to select that vendor (and also ensure steady payments to the vendor).

                            BoA, Experian, vendors ???
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                            mickbali123 Newbie
                            Hello. This is mickbali.
                            Will you tell me more about credit score actully i am new to this field..