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    Anybody attended Blair Singer or Rich Dad's seminars before?

    MeGaHW Newbie
      I read most of Rich Dad's series books. They are good. Not necessarily make me rich immediately, but more or less I learned different perspectives and thoughts which helped. I recently received a Rich Dad newsletter email inviting people to attend Blair Signer's (Rich Dad's partner, Author of Sales Dogs) two-day seminar in AZ. About $990 for two days.

      I have been skeptical toward these kind of seminars. I know that they will be inspiring and useful somewhat. But does it really worth $990 and a trip to AZ? I am not quite sure. I personally don't know much about Blair Singer. But it sounds to me that he trains employees from HSBC banks, Singapore Airlines, IBM etc... He must be somehow good? I am not quite sure.

      Any experience or opinions?

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          Techie Wayfarer

          Although I haven't attended a seminar, I have read Rich Dad's books before. I would not pay $990 for a seminar, the only person that is getting rich is them. If their advice really worked - we would all be rich! The books are certainly motivational, and you certainly need to applaud them for succeeding, but I don't think it's worth paying for. I say stick to the books and don't make them richer!
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I have not personally attended a Blair Singer program, but I can tell you that our paths have crossed a few times (one of my firms conducts leadership seminars, so we had a common client and spoke at the same conference once). Based on those meetings, I think he is probably one of the better trainers out there right now in the sales arena, and his methods and materials are logical and valid.

            For these types of seminars, the course itself is barely a break-even deal for the person who sponsors it (especially if there is media advertising). The real profit for the presenter is in "back of the room" sales -- the supplemental books, tapes, and other materials we hope you'll buy while you're all charged up on our message. So you can expect SOME of that to be embedded in the presentation (but I didn't hear too many complaints from his audience). Like any speaker, some people loved him, some didn't -- but I'd say the overall consensus was very positive.

            This may help you break down your decision:

            Consider that you can probably buy the same "information" you'd get in the seminar for $500 by purchasing books and programs. Is the information worth that much you?

            If not, stay home. If so, consider that the other $500 (plus your travel expenses) is what you're paying for the "experience." Do you learn best alone -- through books, audio, and video -- and are you self-motivating (i.e., already excited and enthusiastic about the selling process)? If you are, you may not need the experience of being there. But if a knowledgeable and energizing speaker -- and a couple of days of hanging out with other excited people in business like you -- would be the best way for you to learn and apply the lessons (and to get really psyched about selling), then the "experience" part may be worth far more than the cost. It is to my seminar participants (or they get their money back).

            I hope this helps in your decision (and I hope you get some input from someone who has actually attended).
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                WEBillions Adventurer
                I agree. Read the books, as many as you like. They are really great books. But, I can't see you getting much more out of the seminar. I could be wrong; I haven't been to one. My guess is that it would be really inspiring, but you'd hear the same things from the books. Do you need to pay that much to be inspired? The books too long? I personally prefer to have a written copy of what I learned so that I can go back to it again and again.

                I bought the the computer cash flow game. I thought it was fun and did make me realize something that seems rather obvious to me now. I probably would have learned the same thing in one of the other books. Personally, I've decided to stick to the books.
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                millionaire Newbie
                Hi there,

                Seminars are good for meeting your business role model who have been there and succeed, learn from that person, feel the energy of all motivated attendee's & networking.

                Reading book motivates you, inspires you.

                You can also write off seminar expenses and enjoy new place at the same time.

                Every thing has a price and in future if you will write book & host seminar, you will also charge people for your service.