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    Reliable web development outsourcing partner

    tenaxtech Newbie
      Hi all,

      I would like to introduce our software development company to you.

      Technologies is a young growing software company delivering Java
      development outsourcing services of any complexity to customers
      worldwide. Our company’s main specialization is a web application
      development based on Java technologies.

      We have a strong team of
      Java Certified IT experts, which let us provide high quality services
      in the compliance with the industry standards. Through the years of
      working with Java technologies we accumulated the valuable knowledge in
      this field which is successfully applied into our customers’ projects.

      a small qualified development team we provide the especial care and
      attention to every our customer. From the first service request to the
      project release you will get promptly answers and detailed reports on
      the done work, free consultations and possibility of support of a
      product after the release.

      Tenax Technologies is located in
      Minsk, Belarus and our time zone is GMT+2, which is convenient for
      European customers. You won’t even feel a time zone gap in
      communication as our business day is based on standard European office

      Being an Eastern European software development company,
      we are able to offer our services for very reasonable pricing, several
      times lower than that of the US, Canada, and EU companies while keeping
      upper-level standards of quality and reliability.

      Outsource your development to us when:
      • You need to reduce research and development cost keeping the high quality.
      • You need to find long-term reliable IT vendor for your business.
      • You are looking for the best economical solution for your internet startup project.
      • You have a fresh business idea and need a professional advice from IT specialists.

      Please visit our site for more details:

      you are interested and would like to know more about us, please feel
      free to contact us at to get a free quote.


      Pavel Sergeev,
      Marketing director.