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    Re: Does anyone have any knowledge of the B2G Institute?

    tobu92 Newbie
      I was at a free workshop at the Hard Rock Cafe and although Fred spoke fast and furious, I received lots of info. What impressed me was that when he asked who was registered with the feds, only 2 of us raised our hands. That part of the game takes only several minutes of time compared to the rest of the process. If you've gotten that far, then the short workshop can tell you things that will help.

      Then, as the gentleman said, most of the opportunities are already spoken for, long before the solicitations appear on FBO. The reality is, to find the contracts well before you take the time to bid and fillout a solicitation on FBO.
      That is what must be taught in these seminars to make them worthwhile.

      I did learn that you can be a broker for the feds, and how to work that, using the FBO site. I am missing one piece to that puzzle though....where to look for the opportunities, and how to contact, the point of contact people, to offer the quotes directly, before they get to FBO. Does anyone know? I really want to know. Perhaps it's in a book somewhere? Thank you. Sincerely,Tobu