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    Is Twitter right for your company?

    lily89 Newbie
      I just read this interesting blog:

      "Is Twitter right for your company? 3 things to ask"

      I'm wondering whether anyone here is using Twitter for business, and if so, what sort of experiences have you had? Do you recommend Twitter for other companies?
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          It depends.

          Many companies just using Twitter to send out one way message and try to sell something to strangers. They end up wasting time.

          Twitter is all about social. One way conversation will get you no where!
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              lily89 Newbie
              I agree. Companies that use social networking solely for marketing purposes are missing the point, and people quickly see through these efforts. The trick, I think, is to find a balance--maybe 25% marketing content and 75% contributing to the online conversation. Companies need to truly value what their customers are saying, or their social media efforts will look shallow and vacant.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  Well said.

                  Small businesses need to take the long view more - build a relationship with customers. I can see a clothing store using social networking to talk about trends in fashion or a car dealer talking about maintaining the value of your present car - think about how people will feel about your business when they realize that you have something of value to say. Find the things that are of interest to your customers, not you, and talk about them.

                  Patience is another ting we have to be - it takes time to develop a relationship. And social networking is all about relationships.
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                WindyPlum Newbie
                We have been tweeting for a month now and as a company we have seen some great results.
                I agree you can not just use it to sell items all the time. I agree also that you need to add content that is helpful to others with links.
                Many of my clients are following us to see what we are doing and new offerings before we release a newsletter.
                Another helpful hint is to add twitter to all your social networks like MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Plaxo, and others. You can use to add all these and only have to use Twitter to update everything.
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                  hogg02 Wayfarer
                  Twitter is helping our company TransActPOS, we have expanded in the socail networking and twitter is the main reason why, we can post live updates that are seen without a phone call and quicker than emails.

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                    caffeinated Scout

                    Hi lily89 and welcome to the SBOC!

                    I agree that Twitter only works within certain industries. It doesnt make much sense for my business unless I'm being followed by my local market.


                    Here's how I see Twitter...its an extension of a company's brand. Think of your online marketing presence as a big octopus. Your main website should be the body of the octopus. Each of its tentacles would represent Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace. All doing the work to pull your audience/customers back to the main body. A company can Tweet about upcoming events, press releases, product launches etc., but ultimately everything should point back to the hub.

                    I may be wrong but that's just my view

                    • Twitter seems to be working
                      gamelinx Newbie
                      I just started using twitter, and I have seen a slight increase in traffic to our site. Every place you can create for social networking will draw some more traffic. And just as the previous post, your site is the body of the octopus and the tentacles are facebook, myspace, twitter, ect. Whatever accounts you can create in a social networking environment will definataly increase your traffic. Keeping the visitors coming back is another story.
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                        lvrealtor Wayfarer
                        Since joining twitter several weeks ago...lot's of folks are aware of my's a great way to connect.
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                            redhottech Newbie
                            I just started using Twitter and don't know how to make more peoples following me. I'm wondering how they are using Twitter sucessfully for their business
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                                gamelinx Newbie
                                Well... I run a gamers community website, and it seems for me to use twitter is useful because every time I do something new, I just twitter about it. One way I get a few followers, is when I follow a few people, as a nice gesture, people will usually follow you. Following too many people may be considered spam, so I then stop following people that don't look like they really like games, such as a few people that don't look like they play games. One good following is people that look like they will enjoy your content. If you are a lawyer, follow people following another lawyer, and if you are an artist, find an artist, follow them and their followers, then stop following those you feel don't look interested in your line of work. So far this method has got me a few followers a day.

                                Good luck!
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                              ajp76054 Newbie
                              That is a very good point. Many companies do depend to heavily on social bookmarking and other cheap inefect methods. These methods become inefective only because there is no quality to them and they are shallow and meaning less.




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