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    Affiliate marketing best home business

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      If you've found this article because you searched the words "what is affiliate marketing" you are probably just beginning your search for a means to earn an income online. So let me congratulate you on your decision to take control of your own future. Tens of thousands of people now work from home from their computer, and many of them are affiliates who are making very good money.

      So, what IS affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a form of Internet marketing in which a company has set up an automated way for people to sign up as online salespeople (affiliates) for the said company's website or product. The affiliate gets a website, which contains his or her unique tracking identification code. The affiliate promotes the website that contains their code, and all traffic/sales generated by the affiliate to their coded site, are tracked by the company. The affiliate is paid a set amount for each viewing, or for each sale, that comes through their code's site.
      In today's tough economy, when so many people are being laid off and so few people are hiring, more and more people are wondering what is affiliate marketing and attempting it as a source of revenue for their family. And for those who take the proper training to learn the industry workings properly, who get support and advice when needed, and are willing to take the time necessary to build their business, affiliate marketing is a goldmine. There are literally tens of thousands of companies online who are looking for affiliates to promote their products, and online sales continue to grow. Affiliate marketing allows people to run their own online business from home, without having inventory, with very little to no overheard, without having to performing direct sales, and without needing to track contacts or do follow-ups. Affiliate marketing is an opportunity to get creative and have tons of fun while making tons of money.

      What is affiliate marketing? It is an income opportunity that is definitely worth investigating further. It is not a get-rich overnight scheme, but it can certainly be the answer to all your prayers and dreams.
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          Looks like you are really knowing affiliate marketing.

          Just had few questions for you. We are thinking to offer affiliate program for stay home mom or local Real estate agent to earn extra income.

          We would like to give our customers up to 3 months trial before charging them full fee. This could be a turn off to local affiliates, since they won't get any money unless the trail customers start paying for the full price.

          What software or service would you suggest us to use for this type of situation?

          Thank you!