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    Holiday car rentals, the risks you might forget.

    barbara789 Newbie

      Hiring a rental car can be both great fun and a time saver when you
      are travelling away from home. I know of friends that also hire a
      rental car when they are travelling long distances to save on
      maintenance on their own car and share the expense with all the friends
      that are going on holiday. This makes special sense when the car rental
      is big enough for everyone to fit in one car and share with the gas.
      Another great advantage with car rentals is the time you save. Having a
      rental car waiting for you at the airport allows you to get on with
      your holiday straight away. However when you are going backpacking
      style and you are looking for bus combinations the shortest trip can
      take all day. Of course there is also beauty in the backpacking style.
      I enjoy both, and both have their place in holiday transportation
      styles. These are the good points of car rentals, the problem is that
      there are also risks that you might be forgetting. This article aims to
      spell out some dangers with car rentals you can avoid and might not
      have thought about.


      The insurance danger.


      With car rentals you can easily spend too much or too little on your
      insurance. It is quite a nightmare when you find yourself in a foreign
      land where you don’t understand the language or the custom in an
      accident where you seem to be at fault. Not having the right insurance
      can be a real pain in the posterior or a financial disaster for your
      holidays and family economy.


      A little research is required to know how much insurance you need.
      Car rentals will get you to feel you need to insurance for everything
      from your luggage to migraines. A balance is required. Make sure you
      are insured for damage to the car in case of an accident. Check for
      deductibles, in many countries the deductibles are so large you risk
      paying out some serious cash before the insurance kicks in.



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