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    The video game market is a $3B (billion) a year business in the entertainment industry.

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      Hello all, I would like to introduce myself and take a stab in the dark at opportunity. Like all good gamblers, I am an entrepreneur (or is it the other way around?). I have created, from my entire life savings (hear the violins?), a game design studio with the proper amounts of 'delusions of grandeur', hard work and research mixed together.

      I have played many Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG's) over the last 10 years extensively. I have a self proclaimed PHD in MMOG's based on the fact that the typical PHD only takes 9 years of dedication. I love to write, I love to design and I love to deconstruct and reconstruct these games in my mind (now on paper for my own game).

      Like all good entrepreneurs I am a problem solver. I have found a need for a much better MMOG and have solved the problem of what to do about it. With a couple of concepts and a couple of like minded friends I am making my own!

      Now, the next problem to solve. (here it comes!) I need to find funding to continue, or the project dies very soon. I am making my information available to all interested, pseudo-interested or slightly inclined people that are looking for a wonderful opportunity. My door happend to already be open when opportunity knocked and I didn't duck in time so here I am. I am fully vested in a fantastic company, that I created, with a fantastic opportunity in a very hungry market. I have an extensive new concept for a MMOG that astounds even the oldest of players. Best Buy magazine states that in 2005 the online video game market hit $3.4 Billion and in 2011 they expect it to be $13 Billion. That creates a huge opportunity to take some of that money home! The game would be sold worldwide increasing the footprint of customers exponentially.

      This link is my Executive Summary: If you are one of the 'interested', 'pseudo-interested' or 'slightly inclined to ponder' people then send me an email and I will send you a copy of the business plan. If you like what you see and have questions then by all means ask away. Lets do something great!

      If anyone 'not so inclined to ponder' has made it this far in this post and has any helpful suggestions I would love to hear from you as well. Any helpful hints on finding start-up money for a company with a great future product? Has anyone done this type of venture before? If so, who did you approach? What type/style of approach did you take? How successful were you? Are you sure your not inclined to ponder? Why is the sky not so blue over LA anymore?

      Thank you for your precious time and I hope, if just passing through, that you were a little entertained.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Thanks for sharing so much and yes I will be getting in touch with you through your email address.
          I am a SCORE counselor in the New York region and we counsel people with ideas and need funding.
          It is great that you already have a BUSINESS PLAN (and I do want to see a copy).
          SCORE is a GREAT ASSET. Have you visited your local SCORE office. They can help put you in touch with local banks and others who have funds. You can also visit SCORE on line for a lot more info.
          SCORE is a FREE resource. Best of luck, LUCKIEST
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            Dear Ceo,

            Firsts of all congratulations on the game concept and the perseverance. I myself and my team in South America are software developers who currently have a supplier community in Latin America utilizing our software,

            I'am interested in reading your business plan as I may provide joint venture assistance for Latin America market, participate in the development and/or buy stocks in this project. I appreciate if you send me your business plan.




            Jairo Restrepo


            IG Tech Solutions, Inc / Manglar Technology
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              Lighthouse24 Ranger

              I am not a potential investor, but I will offer the following review and advice.


              In the context you're discussing, an executive summary has to do two things: 1) grab investors' attention so they actually look at it (as opposed to tossing in a pile with the dozens of other offerings they receive daily), and 2) entice potential investors to want to read more about your offering in the full proposal.


              Your executive summary would not grab my attention. It's very plain and somewhat amateur-looking at first glance (which is totally incompatible with the exciting, creative, and visual business you are in!). While you don't want the graphic design to overwhelm the content, it should shout, "Here's something different and exciting -- come on, pick it up, take a look!" A professional graphic artist could help you here.


              As for making me want to read more, there are a number of content elements that inhibited that. You initially build your case and say, "We have that product" and yet, most other sections of the summary are written in future tense, suggesting that all you might really have is a concept you talked about over lunch one day. That impression is reinforced by an overuse of dramatic adjectives and fluff words, instead of concrete facts and specific financial projections (not for the industry as a whole, but for your firm and your game).


              The average investor will scan this for no more than 25 seconds, looking for three main things:


              1. Company background - although you do name the principals involved, you don't outline their backgrounds or industry achievements (which is extremely important in the absence of an established company track record).


              2. Investment opportunity - you do say how much money you want, but you don't say how you're going to use it, nor do you outline how much will the investor earn and when (and without those numbers jumping out at me prominently, I toss this immediately).


              3. Exit strategy - you don't describe the options the investor will have (in this industry, a "hit" game will probably result in a buyout, as happened with your "main competitor," or in an IPO and expansion. Either would probably occur within three years and in no more than five -- so how does the investor benefit in these scenarios?).

              2½ of your three pages have to do with the market as whole, not your company or product -- which again makes me wonder if there's anything there. All that industry/market detail belongs in an appendix within the full proposal. Everything you need in the executive summary about the industry and market could be summed up in three or four sentences.

              In my mind, your competitor is not only Blizzard/Vivendi, but 99 other new companies who have a similar concept, sixteen of which are probably ahead of you in terms of development and funding, and have already sent your potential investors a proposal. What makes you and your game so unique? You can't simply say it's unique -- you have to show an investor something during this first 25 seconds that proves it.

              I sincerely hope this was helpful. Best wishes to you!
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                Welcome and YES The video game market is a $3B (billion) a year business
                There have been a few other posts on this subject. (check back).
                Like all good gamblers, you am an entrepreneur.
                Do you know about SCORE?? SCORE is FREE.
                SCORE can not help with funding BUT can help with a
                Business and Marketing Plan and MORE.
                As a SCORE Counselor, I would be interested in seeing your plan.
                I will send you an email or you can reach me at "
                Good luck, LUCKIEST