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    Cheap ways to advertise a shopping cart

    Mike75065 Scout

      Hi everyone.

      Would anybody on here any like to tell me any cheap ways or suggestion on advertising and marketing
      for new shopping cart on the internet. I going to do some research on my own. I really could use some nice help please.

      I know few ideas already and is linking your shopping cart any good?? I don't want to go broke and what is the best way to get ranking and whatever you can teach a novice in internet maketing please.

      I am going to lot research on my own.




        • Re: Cheap ways to advertise a shopping cart
          Please clarify.

          Are you selling shopping cart system, software, package? Or are you owing a shopping cart (e-commerce store) selling goods?

          I guess you own an online store selling goods and you want to promote your online store right?

          Basically you need to pay attention on few things.

          1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on site and off site
          2. Conversion Rate
          3. Customer Services

          Don't be full by those Google Page Ranking or Traffic ranking number. A million hits to your site don't mean a thing, if no one is buying.

          You need quality organic search engine traffic and a good web site to increase your conversion rate. Finally, you need a good customer services to build your reputation.
          • Re: Cheap ways to advertise a shopping cart
            To answer you question, the cheapest way to advertise your online store is FREE.

            It may be time consuming at beginning. If you do it right it will pay back your time investment.

            Make sure you did good SEO to get good quality search engine traffic0
            Make sure you target the right customers
            Join the niche forum
            Become the expert in your niche
            Great customer services