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    Pre-Paid Legal (Identity Theft Shield)

    LaVonne Newbie
      Pre-Paid Legal Also offers protection against Identity Theft. Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America.Its so important to protect yourself and your love ones. I previously watched this documentary on CNN about Identity Theft. You don't even have to ever use the internet for someone to hack your identity. They can get access to your address, social security number and even your address. Don't wait until someone steals what's the most precious to you before you decide to do something about it.
      • There are 5 areas of Identity Theft, Driver's license Identity,Social Security Identity,Character or Criminal Identity and financial Identity. Identity Theft Shield offered by Pre-Paid Legal have experts recommend that you review credit report regularly. The Identity Theft Shield makes it easy.*
      • Continuous Credit Monitoring,Suspicious activity will be brought to your attention providing you with early detection. Also Identity Restoration with the Identity Theft Shield, a trained expert will take the steps to help restore your name and credit for you!*
      • Get experts on your sid.eA professional thief can assume your identity in just a few hours, but it takes years for you to restore your identity. You will have a toll free number to report any potential discrepancy in credit report. If the discrepancy is identity theft a fraud Restoration package will be rushed to you and our investigators will assist you in every step of the away. Don't wait until it happens--- enroll and get peace of mind today. Again my number is anytime. Or email me at*