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    Looking for a small line of credit, unsecured

    cderaway Newbie
      I started a small construction company in Jan. of 08' ( I know I couldn't have picked a better time ). My personal credit score is horrible at best. Certainly my fault of course, but due to circumstances beyond my control. Anyhow long story short, I am looking for a line of credit to help operate my business. I can't seem to find anything under 25,000 or that fits my credit situation.

      The business has been very successful, however it has been difficult to make it grow quite like it could. I just filed the incorporation papers last week and am waiting. I have not borrowed a dime for this business and started it with less than $1000. I grossed appx. $100,000. last year and have 0 business debt. The bills are paid and we are slowly growing. I have had to pass up to many opportunities for large growth due to the fact that I don't have the resources to cover certain things. I need the security of being able to pursue more lucrative projects and opportunities by being able to cover payroll, daily expenses etc.

      I am confident that traditional lending is not an option right now. If anyone is interested in providing working capital, etc., I am interested in offering semi-silent limited ownership, etc. This can also lead to larger investments in the near future once a good relationship is established, and you are confident.

      I am more than happy to go into further details. Even if this is not for you please feel free to send someone my way, or offer some legitimate advice.

      Thanks for your consideration and any help.