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    Shipping & Handling

    just4girls Wayfarer
      Hi! I am starting an online consignment business and considering the idea of including S&H fees in the price of the clothes/items for sale. Is this a good idea or bad idea? I think that customers shopping resale are pretty thrifty and would not want to see the added cost of shipping so marking the item up to include shipping may be a plus...? Any advice is appreciated.
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          amspcs Ranger
          In this competitive world, I would think that s/h should be kept separately. The reason is:
          If you offer something for $30 including shipping, and a competitor prices the same item
          at $25 not including s/h, many consumers won't compare apples with apples, they'll just see
          the $25 vs $30m they'll perceive the $25 as 'cheaper' and you'll lose the sale. It's called Creative Maketing.
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            phanio Pioneer
            Keep it separate - online shoppers understand that they have to pay shipping & Handling. If you have enough margins in your consignment fees - could offer free shipping if the purchase amount is over a certain limit - just make sure that your prices are competitive and you have the margins.

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              spacemonkey Adventurer
              I would keep S&H seperate so that your customers know what they pay for. If you have a business that ships many items the shipping company might even strike a deal with you.
              Good Luck