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    I am starting my buisness how do I ?????

    carrieanne Newbie
      (Thank you for reading)


      I am going to start my own cleaning buisness might as well do something that i am fantastic at and love to do. Unfortunatly I do not know where to go for financial backing, or any reasources, I also would love some additional advice on advertising and marketing? I would love to hear what others have done or suggest. Any feedback would be great! Im 28 and dont have too much money so commercials and stuff like that I wont beable to do.


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          skydalimit Wayfarer
          Hi my name is Sky Dalimit i can help you incorporate/build business credit to be bale to finance your business and build your website for just $1000 have any questions please email me at:

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            Akbar_pk Newbie

            My name is Akbar I can build your website for just $500 if you have any questions please email me at:

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              EntreOrp Adventurer
              Welcome. You have come to the right place.

              Starting out, I do not think you need financial backing to start a cleaning company. We have helped numerous janitorial cleaning companies get registered, licensed and situated without the need of startup funding.

              Do you have existing clients? Residential or commercial? Let us know what direction you are headed in. We can guide you there.
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                aaotech Wayfarer
                Carrieanne, for your business .. I highly recommend using craigslist.
                It's free to post and usually generates leads inside of 48 hours.

                As a fellow entrepeneur, feel free to email me at and I'll give you
                free advice.

                Best Regards,
                Danny Williams
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                  Smallbiz101 Newbie

                  Well strating a business does take some funds; however, your industry doesn't require a lot of overhead. You do need to stock on supplies, before you get your first client. Suggestion would be find a wholesale store and purchase beginning essentials before getting that first client on roster. When need business start up majority of the good ones must have business license. They are of public record.. Check with your local gov't business license office and get a copy of need business starting out and offer a buy one get one free night. They pay for one night and get the second one 1/2 off or free if they sign a contract with you. Repeat income and steady income is what you need in your industry. Marketing and advertising only by networking with other small business groups in your local area. Your industry depends on word of mouth. Make certain you all the necessary licenses and insurances ... check the irs and the small business association website about your industry (SBA).. The information is free. Knowledge is power in starting up a business.
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                    charles2 Newbie
                    trying the brand-newed webstite for promotion:
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                      vnavguys Tracker
                      Here is what I did, instead of going to the bank, assembling a business plan and jumping through hoops and begging for cash. I applied for a line of credit from my bank where my commercial account was set up. A lot of people preach againsnt using Lines of Credit and credit cards for starting businesses. My take on that is, if you are irresponsible and cannot manage your money, then you should not own a business. But if you are tactical and strategic, then using this money can be smart and very flexible. Suze Orman use to talk all the time about using Credit cards to start a business. When your business is humming along after a couple of years, you then can approach the bank and the SBA for additional or expansion funds. When you have this proven track record and some cash that you invested yourself, you will have a better chance of getting approved. The banks call it "having some skin in the game" which means your personally vested in your future.

                      Make sure you plan on paying a nice chunk back to your line of credit each month. If you really want to do it right, make the LOC payment a regular payment with online banking. This way, you will never forget and it will show responsibility as well as keep you from doing "one more thing"

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                        LEBOTECH Wayfarer
                        Hey we can develop a website for you in two days tops at a fee of $400. Please contact us for that
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                          BtmLineCopy Wayfarer
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