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    E Business - any tax benefits in different States? & other ?

    kiwinomad Newbie
      Hi, first time poster and a new US resident to boot, so I'm on a steep learning curve!
      I'm setting up a new business here which will be initially Internet based.
      We will be marketing a small range of sporting equipment which has a very visual USP and is patent protected.
      We will use a 3rd Party Logistics 3PLs firm to hold and distribute orders.
      I understand we should set up an Incorporated business entity - LLC?
      1. Are there benefits in having the Company registered in any particular State?
      2. Do the owners of the Company need to be residents of that State?
      3. Any advice on Tax implications would be appreciated.
      4. Any suggestions on 3PLs to approach?
      5. E Commerce providers?

      We also envisage doing the hard yards taking the range to Shows etc.
      The long term plan is to get the product into retail locations, and possibly sell out to a major distributer. Before we can do that, we believe we need to establish a creditable presence with sales to prove it.

      Any comments, suggestions, and offers by providers will be welcome.