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    What features do I need for shopping cart.

    MICHAEL75065 Wayfarer

      Can anybody on here tell me what features I will need to have the easiest and most user friendly shopping cart. I want it to be Seo friendly and make money for me and marketing features and services that will make my shopping cart the best experience for my customers.

      Anybody on here that can help or advise me or email information please do. I would love advice from anybody with shopping cart experience. I am nervious but confiedent I will have a very successful cart.

      Please any help or whatever I would greatly appericiate any help.


      This is what I like to do:
      500 -2000 products Selling General merchandiseand personal products for less. I want call it ShopNSaveMart to help save people money in this crazy economy. I have venders ready to help when I ready to go live.


      Crossing my fingers I will get some help off here,
      Michael Ladd


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          SCVTech Newbie

          Hi Michael,

          Well I have developed a few shopping cart sites. There are many different technologies out there, but what you want is a CMS / E-Commerce Platform. CMS stands for Content Management System, and E-Commerce is a fancy way of saying shopping cart.

          The power behind a CMS is the rapid deployment and management of data / content. The best open-source that comes to mind for a CMS / E-Commerce is the Magneto project.


          I also do evelopment with software called Joomla. In combination with yet another free software add-on for Joomla called VirtueMart.


          Magneto is what I am starting to get into developing. It is not more power full than Joomla and Virtuemart, but it is better suited to be a true E-Commerce platform.


          Hope that helps,




          Owner, SCV Tech Support