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    New Business Money questions

    doreensdoggie Newbie
      I have started a home business making dog cookies. I make four different cookies, for large and small dogs. I also make a training treat and have a combo package. I am licensed in my state through the dept of Ag. All of my ingredients I get at the grocery store and my packaging I use air popped pop corn. I believe I've limited my spending to a bare minimum. I was laid off work over two years ago and needed to do something. I have several faithful customers and am getting ready to step things up now that I have my "license to sell" in the state. However, my computer is old and out dated, my oven is old and I could use some updating. I know I won't qualify for a loan at the bank and we have no credit cards.

      I'm really excited about my business, it's hard work, which I'm not afraid of doing but I do worry about the oven breaking down and the high electric bills. I have a wish that I could get some help with money for replacement items, like my computer and oven or two, but right now business is slow.

      I also run a dog rescue on line and am working on getting my non-profit status for that as we need much funding there.

      So, I guess my questions are, is there any money out there for me anywhere and if so, where do I find it? I've looked for grants but there aren't any for my business and I haven't gotten that far for my rescue.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          New Business Money questions, Welcome Doreen

          Anybody starting a new business should contact SCORE. SCORE is FREE both in person and online.
          SCORE can help you develop both a business and marketing plan.

          We love Chicago, especially in the summer and Chicago has a great Farmer's Market.
          Might be a good location to sell dog cookies.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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