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    What to charge for banner space on your website?

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      I'm curious, can anyone tell me what the going rate is for banner space on a website? I have an on-line company that I'm starting and have been approached by companies to advertise on it- Right now my website is not as fully functional as I would like it so I have been putting these offers on the back burner informing potential advertiser we have not officially launched yet. But what do I charge? We've been reading e-commerce books and articles but no one seems to have a definitive price range- I have some vague information on per click commissions for website links but other than that no hard numbers.
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          Hello. I am not an expert in this field, but I can tell you that I have a jewelry web site and for me, things are all over with regards to a banner ad. I have some web sites that have an ad they run for "free" because they say my web site is classy and they like me advertising on their web site because it makes them also look it's a wash. Then, I have many web site owners that like to do a simple LINK exchange and as long as I feature them on my LINKS page, they reciprocate. Then, I have the acutal banner ads that I pay for. I had a typical 2 inch wide by 5 inch long banner ad that I paid $100.00 monthly for on a Project Runway Blog. I also did another banner paid (same size) for another popular Fashion Blog and the 2 owners wanted me to pay $125.00 a month. I have to tell you though, I was spending $225.00 a month total on those 2 Project Runway - related Blogs and I was not getting any new traffic, nobody new was joining my Mailing List and certainly of course, nobody new was purchasing. So, I cancelled the banner ads and tried Google Ad Words, which I really doubt is accurate with the pay-per-clicks. The clicks Google said they charged me for didn't seem to match the actual clicks my Webmaster was telling me I had, so I cancelled that too after several months. It seems so much wasted money was spent on on-line advertising and I didn't see results at all. But to answer your question, I was paying $100 and $125 for banner ads on some pretty major and popular Blogs relating to Project Runway on the BRAVO television channel.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            The going rate for banner space on a website seems to be between $100 and $200 dollars
            per month. Higher in big markets or on web sites that get a large number of hits.
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