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    Reporting Business Checking Accounts to Credit Bureaus

    hattori Newbie
      Does BofA report their small business checking accounts to the major business credit bureaus like Dunn & Bradstreet or Experian instead of to your personal credit report? Thanks.
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          consultingbob Wayfarer
          This is probably a question best answered by calling your Small Business Specialist at the BofA branch where you opened your account.

          As a guess, however, I would say that it depends on how your business is setup and what Tax ID was used to open the account. If you are a sole proprietor and the account was opened under your Social Security Number, then it will probably just be reported to the 3 credit reporting agencies under your personal credit on your SSN, perhaps with an indicator of some type that it is a business account.

          But that's just a guess. I don't have any actual credit lines or credit cards for my business, only checking accounts, so none of my business accounts actually show up on my credit report that I can see.

          Give your Specialist a call and see what they have to say. They are there to help and can probably answer your questions in a few minutes. I just happen to live a block away from my branch, and my specialist Jackie is great at answering all my dumb questions any time I have them (a lot!) so I'm sure they can help you with whatever you need, too.

          Good luck!

          Bob Parker
          Complete Internet Consulting