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    Massage business - Home based over office

    massageguy Newbie
      hey everyone- I am looking to start a therapeutic massage business. I have a few clients now but most would rather i have an actual office to come to instead of me going into their homes or them coming to mine.
      Since im new, i have very little (None) startup funds. I can get a office front for about 1000.00 per month but there is no way of nowing if i can get enough cliental to swing this.
      What are your thoughts????
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          vistasad Adventurer
          Massageguy, I agree with you, an office is the best solution in the long term.
          For the present I would say try and build clientele. How much time do you take for the massage? Is it possible to give a head massage in 15 minutes.? Lot's of people have headaches nowadays what with the recession and all. The pedicure is another favourite. You can start offering these masages so that you get known.
          Once you are confident about clientele then go into an office, or better still a place that offers a sauna as well.

          While out line of business may not directly serve what you are doing, you could visit our website.

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            EntreOrp Adventurer
            Your best option is to try to find someone within the same industry. There are tons.
            Network with them to see if 3 of you could possibly share space. You would find a small place with three small rooms and a reception area. Split the bills three ways.

            Another option is to find an existing business and see if they can rent you a room for a specific time/day and bring you clients over then.
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              JLWmassage Wayfarer
              I am renting office space for $300 a month and I also offer outcall massages. For my space I had to pay first and last months rent. Rent I found found is much cheaper in a professional office building vs. renting a room in a salon