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    Solopreneurs- What's your daily/weekly routine?

    msbeautyceo Newbie

      I have been growing my business for 9 years, with many ups and downs. I've been home based, had a brick and mortar location and I've had employees. Now I am homebased again. My goal is to be profitable and successful with only freelance help and sales/service assistance for events. I've done a strategic plan to make this happen.

      Please share your daily/weekly routine as a one person business. How do you stay organized and on track? What are you biggest challenges? What is the biggest lesson you can share with others?

      Looking forward to the replies!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          What's your daily/weekly routine??

          Who are you?? Your daily routine should be part of a business plan.

          Share some info and I will share better answers


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              GoldenWebDesi Newbie

              What's your daily/weekly routine??

              I start my day reviewing the previous day's work and see how much progress I have done. I do freelance work on web design and content management. After all have been reviewed, I see what needs to be done for the day and start the work.

              Inbetween I do some house chores like paying bills on line and when lunch comes I cook lunch and dinner. Then I take a break and then after a bit start my work again.

              Who are you?? Your daily routine should be part of a business plan.

              The business I had started as a freelancing gig which eventually grew into a small homebased enterprise. I work with others online, many of whom have a different time zone altogether. I review the work they have done based on the specs I have provided them. It is very important that I have internet access 24/7 as I do most of the meetings and transactions online.


              Share some info and I will share better answers


              I do have some trouble though sourcing overseas with the current workforce I have, would you have any suggestions on any sources for web designers I can engage online?
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              consultingbob Wayfarer
              Hi MsBeautyCEO,

              Since I work as a consultant on the computer all day, my routine is probably quite different from anything that you would have. It's also just me and my husband/partner, no kids, so that makes it a bit easier than someone who has a large family at home to deal with, too.

              My biggest hurdle working from home as a consultant is getting myself to stop working. Not going into the office and having a set schedule, I frequently find myself looking at the clock and realizing that I've been working for 10-12 hours without pause. I have to keep forcing myself to watch the clock occassionally and get up, take a break, spend time with my husband, pet the cats or just go out for a walk. If I don't, I can easily find myself heading into a burnout situation.

              The other hard thing to do is not working 7 days a week. It's really easy to do, especially when you are on a deadline and just have to get something done. Obviously, if you really do need to get it done, then you have to do it once in a while, but you have to give yourself a break once in a while.

              On the flip side, it's really easy to just say "heck with it" and decide to sleep in and take a day off, too. You do that too many times, and you end up getting yourself in trouble by not having the work done.

              If you have a place to work from at home (assuming you do work from home) that is separate, that really helps. Even if it's a spare bedroom turned into a small office, having a place that is designated as the "work" place will help you stay focused and on target. Keeping the distractions to a minimum helps, too. Resist the temptation to keep the TV on in the background, don't let your friends and family get into the habit of calling you during "working hours", that sort of thing.

              Of course, it's never perfect. Even before I become a consultant I worked from home as an employee for years. The trick is, even if you get off track once in a while, don't get discouraged. Just pick yourself up, get back on track and try again. As long as you don't give up and stay dedicated, it'll work out.

              Bob Parker
              Complete Internet Consulting
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                  msbeautyceo Newbie
                  Hi Bob,

                  I have the same challenges. Work marathons. Right now my wrist is sore from typing so much. :)
                  I do separate my work space, that seems to help. Don't have any children, so I do have freedom and more time than most. Honestly, I do miss working around people. However, that used to be distracting because be had so much fun at the business.

                  You know what would be nice. It be had a virtual office, where we (solopreneurs) could check in, greet each other, report to work, take breaks, ask questions, share good news, and report sales goals. It would be nice for support and staying accountable. If you were not there, someone would miss you.

                  Anyway, just my thoughts.

                  I've been accomplishing alot lately, I really like this forum overall.

                  Take Care
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                      consultingbob Wayfarer
                      Actually, a "Virtual Office" type of setup is exactly what forums like this are, in a way - an online community where you can "talk shop" and get away from the work for a bit, just as you say.

                      As a developer, I also spend time in chat and IRC with other developers, especially on the contract jobs that I do, so I don't feel so isolated all the time. With the availability of VOIP and video chat, it's even easier to stay in touch than before.

                      Watch out for those wrists! Good ergonomics is important. :)
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                    intechspecial Ranger
                    My daily routine is directly contingent on client demand.

                    I have not been on this site for a long time as I have not had much time to do anything but produce for my clients.

                    When work requests slow a bit, I have more time to offer a "social" line of business networking.

                    As far as a schedule, it can be defined as what project I am working on. My organization offers Empowered Web Services to businesses world wide, so my schedule might lie in India time one week, Australia time the next, and USA time periodically through the process.

                    My final response to your question "What's your daily/weekly routine?" is this: My clients set this for me.
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                      vnavguys Tracker
                      I only saw one person that really answered this question, so i would like to add my daily guide.
                      I divide my time into what I call "high value" and "low value" activities. High value generate cash and low value does not. Certain things in the day have to be done whether they are low value or not, such as answer or read email. Here is my order, hopefully someone can get some value out of it.

                      1. Plan my goals for the day
                      2. Assign the goals in order that will generate cash. For example, on my ecommerce site, I want to add new products or improve my descriptions, so that I can sell more. This leads to more sales.
                      3. Promote and market said products by my marketing plan. My plan consists of a mix of SEO tactics such as bookmarking, article marketing and video marketing. These three give me the best results and thus land in the high value category. this also includes managing anyone that I have outsourced to do some of these plans.
                      4. Ship or prep product, since I sold it, it needs to go out. This is sometimes outsourced by employee or anyone I can pawn it off on.
                      5. Add a new post to one of my blogs. This keeps things moving and i am big on moving projects forward.
                      6. Fix Problems, could be a customer service thing or other assorted pains.
                      7. Answer emails or phone calls.
                      8. Clean off my desk. ( I hate this)
                      9. Clean up my office. ( I hate this more, but if I get to absorbed into promotion my workspace gets trashed and then i cant work)
                      10. Plan for tomorrow. I am a list maker, if I can get something down on paper and hang it on clip boards or on my white board, this helps me tremendeously. I have four clip boards that I label. One is called "problems" the second is 'warehouse", third is "projects" and the fourth is "misc" I also have a huge white board in which I track a lot of progress and think outloud on.

                      I hope this helps someone.