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    Starting New Bakery Need Advice/$

    Inchargeof3 Newbie

      Hello and thank you for taking time to respond.

      I have been in the food service business for 20+ years. I have finally found the perfect place to start my own place. I would like to open a Bakery Boutique in a small town ( one the the 10 best towns according to Family Circle) between two major cities. Location is perfect, competition is sparse, and I have the experience and passion to make this work. Business plan is in place and I have apt's with SBA. Problem is money. I can fill the niche and do it well. I just need help getting my foot in the door. I can go on & on, but tell me what you think first. Thanks again...
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting New Bakery Need Advice, Welcome

          Glad to know that you have both a business plan and an appointment with SBA.

          If you need to raise money, you need a business plan.

          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            DuffyDuck Newbie
            I found a Great E-Book Online called the "Paydex Smasher" at It has a TON of info on how to Establish Business Credit without spending a Bunch of Money!

            I didn't have a lot of Money and my Credit wasn't as high as it used to be from carrying all the business debt on my personal credit in the beginning. But within about a month and a half I started seeing approvals for business credit cards and loans. I even was able to get an equipment lease instead of having to buy everything cash like I was used to doing. The best part was, I actually learned what goes into building business credit and applying for business loans.

            Hope it helps you as much as it did me :)