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    Starting a Business?

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      Starting a business? Use you're resources

      a new business can be extremely overwhelming if you don't know where to
      go and who to ask for help. There is no shortage of people wanting to
      help you start your business, but it's not always free. Luckily,
      thanks to the Internet and local resources, you can not only find the
      answers, but possibly find a mentor or guidance from experts who have
      been in business for years, and not have to pay a single penny. Below
      are some great resources that are often overlooked or forgotten.

      Online Resources

      Powered by small business owners like yourselves and hosted by one
      the nations largest and most powerful banks , Bank of America, this
      forum based resource center provides small businesses and would-be
      business owners a great resource to post common questions about running
      your business, money matters, and business opportunities. The site
      also has great articles written by users and provides a great platform
      to "tell your story."

      ideas, find expertise, and access resources to help grow your
      business. The OPEN Forum, hosted by American Express, provides
      informative videos, articles, expert blogs, and more, collected from
      the web to help you grow your business. Read success stories and
      advice from other business owners, learn about local businesses, all
      while publicizing your business and creating new networking

      Local/Regional Resources

      SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit
      association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation,
      growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE provides free
      and confidential business start up counseling via face-to-face
      meetings, online workshops, and online counseling. Find a Local SCORE Office

      of the most under-utilized resources when it comes to business. When
      most people here SBA, they automatically think loans and financing;
      however, the SBA has formed smaller agencies within its umbrella to
      provide additional services to current and potential business owners.
      A great resource is the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). The
      SBDC can help you create a business plan, work on obtaining financing,
      create a marketing plan, and most importantly guide you through each
      step of the process. Find a Small Business Development Center

      As most (well hopefully most) business owners and potential owners
      know, networking is the key to success. One of the best ways to meet
      new people is to join your local Chamber of Commerce. If you've
      considered joing the local Chamber of Commerce, you've probably been to
      their site and haven't found too much information on starting a
      business. Unlike its smaller partners, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
      has great tools for current and potential business owners, and most of
      them are accessible without having to pay a penny! Some of the great
      tools include the Small Business Toolkits for starting your business,
      sales and marketing, hiring, security, and many more topics. Also be
      sure to check out the Small business library containing forms,
      articles, and documents for every topic relating to business

      Remember, there's a vast amount of resources available to you when
      starting your business, just make sure to take your time, research, and
      be confident in the moves your make! Success is inevitable!

      From your friends at Pirani Marketing Group, Inc.