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    Who Needs To Retire??

    LUCKIEST Guide
      More people are losing confidence in their ability to retire comfortably.

      The economy, inflation and the cost of living are some of the reasons.

      How do you feel about retirement or are you going to keep on working??
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          GabesGraphix Newbie
          Retire ? What that means to me, is to quit working, sit in a rocking chair and wait to die. Not a pretty picture.

          I run a small business that operates 2 days a week, and still make money. There is no reason why I can't keep doing that into my 80's.

          Work 2 days, off 5. That's a lot of spare time on my hands, I try to keep on the business during the week, ordering supplies and stuff, but that really only takes an hour or two.
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            DomainDiva Ranger
            My husbands parents 'retired', went to the sofa and passed away 6 years later.

            They can take me from my desk to the graveyard, and pry the engine disk history from my cold, dead hands.
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                GabesGraphix Newbie
                When Bear Bryant, the famous Alabama football coach "retired" he died less than week later.

                So many people think retire means to sit and wait to die.
                Why do that ? Live your life as if today was the only day you have left. Dream as if you'd live forever.

                If you aren't doing the kind of work, or living the kind of life you want, get one!

                Starting my own business and running it the way I want was probably the best decision I ever made. I can't blame anyone for any failures, I can give credit to anyone else for my sucess. Well, credit goes to God and my Wife for sure. They've been there since the beginning, through good times and bad.
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                usausa Newbie

                How about your grandmother, we saw her working in that burger place. Why don't you advice her/help her first?
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                  GabesGraphix Newbie
                  Not me, I'm going to keep going until I fall over.
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                    amspcs Ranger
                    For me, the timing of your question is very appropriate. I'll be 62...retirement week.

                    I'm not ready to stop working just yet. In the first place, I have built a comfortable business over the years
                    which, I like to think thanks to many years of emphasizing honesty and customer service, has become largely self-sufficient due to referrals. So I don't really work hard anymore, couple of hours daily on phone and on computer max. Plenty of time to visit kids, grandkids, and 'smell the roses'. Cell phone and trusty Blackberry help a lot


                    In the second place, I don't know what I'd do with my time if I stopped working completely. We live in a very nice 55 plus community, but one can only hang out in the hot tub and play cards so much. Never really got into golf or tennis...might have to change that.

                    But I DO know many people who aren't as fortunate as I. They have worked very hard for many years, but can't stop despite inevitable health and aging systems because the 'system' has robbed them. Lots of folks who thought they had nice nesteggs and pensions thru Pan American, Eastern Airlines, IBM and others, have abruptly discovered otherwise. Very sad. Yet, our 'leaders' still see fit to subsidize and reward the very people and institutions who robbed us. Even sadder.
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                      I'm going to keep on working until I kick it, since I'm doing what I love-- thus, it's not really work.
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                          Moderator Cath Guide

                          I think you have hit the nail on the head, Mongoose.  Some people work because they need the income and that is one thing.  But then there are many who work because work is their passion - they cannot imagine doing anything else.  And as you have said: then work isn't really work.


                          We all know folks who are just counting the days/weeks/months/years until they can retire and that is fine for them.  But we also know people who just love to get up and head to work each day - they love the people, the interaction.....they just LOVE their chosen career.  Why should the number of years old a person is decide when they should retire?



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                          jessica_david Scout

                          Well ! I would love to work as long as possible, to me, retirement means to sit and wait for death and that's not a good thing...

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                            amspcs Ranger

                            Well, it's almost three years after my original reply to this post--see above.   I'll be 65 soon, don't plan to stop completely but DO plan to throttle back and smell the roses.  I guess I'm very fortunate in the regard that I have planned ahead and am able to do the following,  but semi retirement means anything but waiting to die.  Debbie and I plan to spend time with our kids, grandkids and family, and see as much of thsi beautiful world as we can while we are still able to get around.  Preparing to die doesn't even enter my mind.  There is a moral to this story for all  you younger whippersnappers out there:  Preparation for retirement doesn't just happen.  You need to plan and prepare for it.  Do it NOW.  If you don't have a good honest financial planner or someone you trust very much...GET ONE.

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