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    Employee fitness Healthy Employees gives Healthy impact

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      Improving the health of your employees can have healthy impact on your business and your bottom line.Research supports the use of wellness programs in the work place to reduce the number of sick days and production loss due to employees illness.when employee is off sick,income is lost and benefits are paid out.The company experiences many burdens including loss of production,overtime cost,reorganization of work and recruitment of replacement.The company is still paying out benifits.via wage sick time Social security,pension,groupe Ins.Maintaining health and detecting potential health problems befor they occur is essential to keeping employees healthy and on the job.So here is where we come in we can help in getting you employees fit and stay healthy and best of all they can have fun doing this and the best part yet is they can get paid from us for every pound they lose how great is that so please give us a chance to show our program to you and your employees email or call E-Mail or ask for Kimberly Swim 866-699-2034