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    "I Dreamed a Dream"


      I'm posting this article because it happens to touch on something that I believe very deeply about. Now, it was written and directed to people on my mailing list of client prospects but I think it may be of interest to some that visit this website so disregard the little bit of self-promotion I threw into it (which is why I'm putting it here in the Business Classifieds section of this site and not another forum).


      I hope you draw something useful or helpful from it ... or that maybe you just plain like it because it's a "feel good" type of story... if it merits it, feel free to send it on to others you may know.


      Dennis Lowery
      Adducent, Inc.


      "I Dreamed a Dream"


      I'm not a big TV watcher and don't watch or pay much attention to popular TV shows etc. But I very much pay attention when I see or hear about levelheaded common people who have a spark within them that drives them to do more and be more. They're not glitzy, polished, prepped or packaged by someone. They weren't born to privilege, wealth or power but no matter; they believed in themselves and kept pushing on.


      Why do people like that interest me? ... Because they are just like me (or I am just like them).


      Susan Boyle, a 47-year old unemployed charity worker from Blackburn, West Lothian, Scotland, who lives alone with her cat epitomizes this. Millions around the world are now aware of her beautiful voice and singing ability thanks to the Internet, TV shows such as: Britain's Got Talent, CNN's Anderson Cooper and The Today Show amongst many others that I'm not even aware of.


      The thing is this; in a business (entertainment) where youth and how you look is very often more important than if you have real talent. Susan is not young. She is not a beauty. But she has talent and heart. Most importantly she has the courage to put herself out there to show and prove that she does have talent and is worthy of success.


      Here's a bit from a CNN article that I read online about her:


      The singer acknowledged she noticed the initial snickers when she got on stage for her performance. But she didn't let it get to her. If nothing else, it fueled her motivation. "I just thought mentally I'll show them, so I did," she said. "If people are cynical, you try and win them 'round and it worked. It must have been a miracle, but it worked."


      So some people snickered, which shows what they were thinking. Even many that didn't probably thought "this is one of the contestants they put on the stage so they can be laughed at" ... a kind of cruel but effective way to "entertain" the viewers and keep the ratings up (many people for some reason love to ridicule and feel superior to someone ... I guess that somehow makes them feel better about themselves).


      Susan describes herself as the "shy girl who has never been kissed". When asked about singing for Queen Elizabeth if she gets to the final round of Britain's Got Talent ... she said, "I'll just get up there and give it a bit of wellie try". A "bit of wellie". Now that is beautiful. "I'll just get up there and give it a try". Knowing that people are going to snicker and even laugh at her; that they are going to pre-judge her on how she looks and automatically de-value her because of those looks. She stood tall and proud and showed what beauty she has inside, first with her great voice, second with what I hope that many people acknowledged "this is a strong woman, with talent and a belief in herself ... she is worthy of our respect and admiration".


      You might be asking, "What the heck does this have to do with me and why did Dennis post this?"


      Well, many people visit my website and have interest in information to help them in or about business and/or career. I periodically send out info to them and since I'm in business, and they have expressed interest in them they've also been pitched on buying my business educational products or services. People that visit my website are usually looking for ways to make money, or need answers, solutions and help to start, fund or buy a business - my products/services help them with that. By request of many people, I am also going to expand my site to cover discussions about career improvement and development.


      Now here's why I wrote this article:


      Everything in life, whether it is personal, professional or business ... success comes down to believing in yourself, preparing yourself, learning new things and applying what you learn to improve your situation. And you have to have courage to "just get up there and give it a try". You can't change and improve your life without these.


      Susan Boyle had all of these and now millions know who she is and the media (fame and perhaps fortune as well) are at her doorstep.


      I'm not saying that you will be able to have the world beat a path to your door. But I do know that what I talk about on my website and build into my products and services have helped people.


      Whether you find your answer or solution on my website or not, I encourage you to keep pushing on to find the right one for you. One that will help you accomplish your dream or objective no matter how old or young you are, no matter if you have financial challenges or if you are financially secure ... if there is something in you unfulfilled, if you have a dream ... then go after it and don't give up on it. You can succeed and accomplish what you want. I've done it and I know many others that have done it.


      Best wishes and good fortune to you,


      Dennis M. Lowery


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