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    What do you think of all the taxes going on in the US.

    MICHAEL75065 Wayfarer
      I feel taxes are good but here getting out of hand and have been to high. Were spoiled country the goverment and people are living out of there means. To much debt and out of control spending is
      killing us.

      I feel we need a fair tax put in law and taxing the rich will hurt us in the long run becuase there one do the hiring and start small business and spend money and if you tax the successful or small business you will kill the the American spirit to task risk and start a business or help America be successful.

      We American people need to wake and quit being so depended on the goverment and over spending and being spoiled. We need to take this country back and the American dream back.

      Were so broke and the goverment will runien this country and we need term limitation and I just became a indepedent and was a republican and I think both party are going down the tube.

      We need morals, values and god in our life and it is the only answer to life and we our loosing that which is sad.

      Just wondering people think of all of the high taxes attacking US and your opinion and all the tea parties.



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          DomainDiva Ranger
          Let's see... after years of paying horrendous taxes at the local, state and federal level people have just now figured it out now that the government is moving away from the right wing special interest groups....

          If the 'tea parties' had really been to protest taxes, they are years too late and some of the messages too horrid to be believed. Personally I was disgusted.
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              MICHAEL75065 Wayfarer
              I just got your reply to my story on taxes and I hope it not to late and things will change if not America heading to a mess. Look at all states raising taxes to help balance there budget and what we need is a tax base and quite loosing jobs and people moving and then there no money in these places. All taxes does is make jobs and people either move or stop hiring and jobs and people will move to area were lower taxes are.

              Most people also want see results in there paying taxas like good schools, police force, nicer neighborhoods and etc,

              Places were there no income taxs is were a lot of jobs and people are moving to like Texas for example.
              Until we pass a fair taxs law and stop taxing the rich we will never get our act together and loose the American dream. There other things and we the people need to take back the goverment and also have term limitation. I feel were loosing the American dream and we depend to much on the crooked govverment
              and not the taxs payers jobs to bailout wall st and car companies and stupid homowners that couldn't
              afford a home they should of never bought in first place.

              Again greed is another reason were in a mess in housing and wall st and the bad policy of the last goverment and new goverment. Also the American people are also living beyond there means and to much in debts is another mess. A lot of us are spoiled and buy things we don't need or can't really afford. It sad.

              We will be in so much dept from the goverment it not funny and our goverment is becoming a socialist country and that not how we our supposed to be and we our loosing the American dream.

              I want thank you very much in replying and hope your wrong in your assements on taxes and time will only tell.


              God bless you,
              Michael75065 from Painesville Ohio suburb near Cleveland Ohio


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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  The Congress & Senate passed the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000, page 262 gives a get out of jail card free for the operation of bucket shops.

                  I personally am sick of this administration being blamed for all the problems we face now...go back to the last days of the Clinton Administration, Alan Greenspan as Fed Chief and AIG as the golden boy of insurance companies.

                  If we the people were really as concerned about all this as we say we are.....things would be a lot different. If people would have yowled at the tops of their lungs in 2000, the bill would have been repealed or not reached a vote and we would not be in the mess we are in now.

                  The political system works in this country...too bad more people cannot get used to that. If a person wants to make a fuss and make a difference that's fine, but until we as citizens start making our voices heard with emails and phone calls to our elected officials, local state and federal, it will be the same old thing. All the people in DC want is to be re-elected. So maybe we should make their re-eleection contingent upon them doing what we want them to do since this is a representative form of government, (though it does not always work that way).

                  I remember telling one of our senators from Texas that I would sooner vote for a West Texas rattler than vote for her since she voted for the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. If she runs again for whatever office, senator, dog catcher or governor, I will make my sign, and hand out copies of the bill that she voted for that legalized gambling with mortgage securities and scream to high heaven: Vote for the West Texas Rattler!!!
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                    consultingbob Wayfarer
                    > Until we pass a fair taxs law and stop taxing the rich we will never get our act together and loose the American dream.

                    OK, how about we REALLY pass some fair tax laws? How about we quit griping about "taxing the rich" and apply the tax laws fairly to EVERYONE, across the board and eliminate all of those loopholes, back doors, extra deductions, shelters and all the other schemes that 'the rich' use to avoid paying taxes on their income?

                    How about we simplify the tax codes so that someone who makes a decent, middle class income but doesn't have a whole bunch of deductions that allows them to itemize can get the same tax breaks as someone who owns a home, so they aren't paying more taxes unfairly?

                    How about we recognize that religion plays no part in the exercise of civil law in this country and recognize ALL states' marriages, so that a huge chunk of the population is allowed to file their taxes as "Married Joint" like they should be, instead of having to file three separate tax returns every year and pay an average of 20% more in taxes than an equivalent opposite sex married couple. All because conservative religious people don't want to recognize their legally performed marriages on the Federal level - as required by the Full Faith and Credit & Equal Protection clauses of the US Constitution.

                    Yes, we definitely need tax reform. We also ALL need to take responsiblity and accept that this country is in a downward spiral and that it's not going to recover if all we want is to stop paying taxes and say that it is someone else's responsibility.

                    The other thing we need to do is educate ourselves. Learning to read, write and spell properly is a good start. Learning to tell the difference between a representative republic and socialism, and most especially, learning to think for ourselves instead of simply listening to what the pundits have to say on talk radio or Fox News and repeating it verbatim as an easy answer to everything.
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                        MICHAEL75065 Wayfarer
                        Hi consultgingbob,

                        I thank you very much responding to my tax question. Just thought that it would be interesting food for thought and make people think. I very much enjoyed your views and that you care enough to have a opinion.

                        I just feel were loosing the American dream and a lot of Amercians don't care about much anymore and
                        want a free ride and are spoiled and living beyond there means. Also we need term limitation and new party. I just became a independant beause I am sick of the two party goverment we have the gigantic very complex tax code have.

                        We also are to depended on te goverment to do everything us and that is joke and very sad and we need to take our country back.


                        I feel America is going down the drain and groverment is becoming socialist govermemt and the goverment spends tell there no end in site.


                        I am god fearing businessman and I am sick what is happening to America
                        Michael Ladd from Painesville Ohio suburb of Cleveland Ohio
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                            consultingbob Wayfarer
                            Hi Michael,

                            It is good food for thought - I wouldn't have replied otherwise :)

                            I do have to disagree with you, though. I don't think we are losing the American Dream! I think the Dream is a little bit clouded right now, because things are difficult, but we aren't losing it. This is just a test, and those who persevere will see their efforts rewarded in the long run. There will always be hangers-on and lowlifes who want to get a free ride, just as there alway has been.

                            I do agree that we need to fix the political system. Our current two party system and unlimited terms has resulted in a political aristocracy that is beyond ridiculous - a system where the politicians are interested solely in their own selves, getting re-elected and filling their pockets and campaign coffers. Representing the people who elected them is the least important thing to them, rather than the most, and that simply has to change.

                            The problem is, the vast majority of Americans are uneducated politically or completely apathetic. Less than half the population even bothers to vote, and most of those that do vote do so based on what someone else tells them to do like their church leaders rather than based on intelligent and educated information on the issues and candidates.

                            > and groverment is becoming socialist govermemt

                            Again you repeat this comment - do you really understand what that even means? I don't think you do. Again, I would suggest you take a bit of time to actually research socialism and understand what it is, what it means. Then you would see that what is happening today, what President Obama is proposing to bring this country around is far, far from socialism.

                            > the goverment spends tell there no end in site.

                            Ever heard the saying "You have to spend money to make money"?

                            Clinton left office and we had a balanced budget and a surplus. Bush left office with a record deficit and record spending, after dragging this country so far into the hole with "off the books" spending, irresponsible social programs that had absolutely zero results, not to mention the war that he got us into for no reason that has resulted in trillions of dollars of money spent with absolutely no results other than a fake declaration of "Mission Accomplished".

                            Yeah, we're going to have to spend some money to sort things out and get us back on track. It would definitely help if people could focus on actually FIXING the problems and the future, rather than trying to block solutions out of stupid partisan political reasons. Instead of actually trying to help the problem, instead they cause more. They can't even propose their own solutions, they only tear apart and obstruct, in a stupid childish game of "if we can't be in charge then nothing will get done".
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                      BizOptimizer Adventurer

                      Think it is like 3-card monte. If the feds reduce taxes - states and counties cry and say they have to increase park fees and local taxes - then feds increase. They passed laws where the banks have to have APR to know what ALL the interest on a loan is - they ought have an APR for taxes.

                      Far too many going to too many places. I remember when parks were free for those that can't afford yards and playgrounds. Now the more affluent take over the good ones with parking fees and entry fees.

                      Don't think any of us know just what our tax burden is - unfortunately...