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    Employee theft?

    t2993p Newbie
      I currently work at a bank and i have seen someone else taking money at first i just thought i was seeing things but know i know that this person is so i started keeping track when i see it but i dont know how to tell HR because the person is out of the way of the cameras and i think i know how this person is covering it up.....someone please help me!!!
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          puzzleman Tracker
          I don't know what you expect this forum to help you with. You saw someone stealing money, you need to tell your supervisor or hr. You know what the right thing to do is. Get your courage up and do it!!!

          We can't help you talk with the people in your own organization. You are the only one who can do that.

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Employee theft??

            Are you for real??. Stealing (from a bank) is a Federal offence.

            Camera or no camera, DO SOMETHING QUICKLY
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              MikeyD Wayfarer
              I'm sure if you were to tell HR they would set up a camera in the area where the money is being taken so they would have proof of what you say. Sounds like a simple solution to me.
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger
                Banks lose over a billion dollars a year to employee theft -- far more than they do to robberies. If you're hesitant to report this to your supervisor or branch manager (or if the person is your supervisor or branch manager), you can always contact the FBI (you can even submit a tip on-line).
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                  DebbyBlitzLoc Adventurer
                  Morally and ethically if you do nothing, you are just as guilty as the person doing the stealing! When did we become a society that stands by and watches crimes occur without acting? It shouldn't matter if it is happening at a bank or a gas station, stealing is stealing and it negatively impacts the company as well as it's customers! You absolutely need to speak up! To be honest, I am not sure how you can sleep at night knowing that you have this knowledge and having done nothing about it! Stand up for what is right!