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      Hi there, so I was exploring Linkedin Q&A and came across this question. I'm also in the process of exploring Twitter, so I asked and was given permission to repost here.


      "Would anyone be interested in following a twittercast of an adventure sports expedition tomorrow?


      I will be using Twitter to document my step by step adventure tomorrow. The first will be to acend and snowboard down Tuckermans Ravine @ Mt. Washington NH, immediately followed by sky diving and then will finish the event with surfing at sundown......all in one day. The twittercast kicks off when I wake up tomorrow and will last throughout the day.


      To follow the event, follow me on twitter at "


      Why not take a look at this and contemplate it for your business? As usual, I'll stop by with my own insights later. However, I will say I just met this person on this question and it seems like he's going to be doing something I'd rather be doing on a Saturday. Just imagine the bumper sticker for these, "I'd rather be..., ..., ...." Lol!




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