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    Pay Per Call Marketing... How it works... and How it doesn't

    Evolve247 Newbie
      How it Works

      Pay Per Call Marketing is a no brainer for any
      business that wants to receive phone calls from interested clients.
      With Pay Per Call marketing you can receive phone calls directly to your business
      from millions of ready-to-buy customers who are actively searching popular web sites, search engines, online directories, and
      directory assistance providers in your local area (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Mapquest, etc) and only pay after you have received a phone call!

      A big difference between pay-per-click and pay per call is that your ad can be clicked on 1,000's of times but in this case the billable event is when they actually call you!

      How it doesn't

      With Pay Per Call Marketing you are not driving traffic to a web site. Your potential clients are delivered a web page with your logo and information about what you do with a unique call tracking number so that you can track your calls (means if you don't have a web site no problem).

      Pay per call is obiously not for everybody. For instance, an e-commerce web site would gain no benefit from pay per call if they don't take phone orders.

      While pay per call marketing is not for everybody, it can benefit most businesses that are interested in receiving phone calls. If you have any questions we would be glad to assist you. We do also implement online marketing campaigns in the U.S. for a variety of small - medium size businesses.