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    Looking for line of credit 60k

    trowerhosting Newbie
      Hello, I am looking and wondering where is the best place to get a line of credit for 60,000? I am planning jump starting my business. My business is currently open but only funded by maybe a few hundard bucks that I place into it. I am looking to expand including advertisement, etc. I have worked out all the numbers including using the line of credit for Saving money monthly for my business. I wouldn't need the full 60k line of credit but I would like to have it for the slow months which shouldn't happen. The total expenses a month would be 4600 (not posting real amounts) at 30% capacity and sell the servers at competitive rates will make 8800 a month at 30% capcity which is the level I am at right now. My personal credit score isn't good enough now adays to get a loan because of the economy. My business does accept credit cards and wondering also how to boost my credit score for business. Also wondering I am a LLC. would it be best to go inc.? Would a bank be more willing to loan out money or give a line of credit? Thank you for all your hard work, and advise.