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    Online Photography and graphic design/editing anyone?

    edsjunior Wayfarer
      I have a business partner a we offer photo editing and graphic design in our community. Does anyone think this could be a potential business online. Please contact me at if you think this could be a potential business.


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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Online Photography and graphic design, Welcome

          How exciting. Tell me more. Have you developed a Business Plan??

          Who are you?? Talk to me, LUCKIEST
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              edsjunior Wayfarer
              Well thanks for the reply. as for the busines plan i should say yes and no. Yes we have a plan here with our small business but no I dont have one for an international type or one via online. currently we work with customers around my community with web design, photo shoot and editing, video editing and DVD authoring. We are not the largest company here but the material we give customers is very good as we have received very positive compliments from customers. I was thinking in partnering with someone abroad and maybe sell photos, graphics or work with someone who has customers and would like a support in that field. Of course it should be profitable for both of us. Tell me what you think and ask me what you would like to know specifically and I'll be glad to answer your questions.


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              phanio Pioneer
              Why would you think that it would NOT work online? If you figure out the logistics - you should be able to really increase your market reach. If you are new to online businesses - start with a good website and execellent online marketing.

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                  edsjunior Wayfarer
                  Thank you guys for the comments. I am intrested in the said idea however I have not done business online and am exploring this new venture. We've been doing this now for 2 years and although I do some photography and graphic design/editing, I have a partner who is better at it and together we do business here. I am now basically doing some basic marketing and exploring other opportunities like in this case. Here are some website links that we have created for some schools who we did some work for. so if you guys wish to view and and give me your remarks and constructive criticism I would welcome them. My idea is to link with someone in that end mainly for the marketing publicity and sales. We can do the physical work and now with the internet being a tool for international business we can easily transfer data back and forth. I know there a many logistics to work on but there would be a start somewhere I think. Again guys thanks here are the links. and please if you are seriously considering any type of relationship in this field you can write me to my email



         here some freelance photos for samples
         here some photos from a university (Galen Univ)
         here another graduation shoot for a High school
         this is our page. well needs some work and develpmente. we are working to linking everything to one and have one main page.

                  thanks again for your kind assistance. hoping to hear from someone soon.

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                  exmmedia Wayfarer
                  I think its a great service based company but you do need an online presence to display your latest projects and portfolio/contact info.

                  On another note, we have been trying to offer photography for some time now and can never find good photographers in our clients area, I saw your work and would love to add you to our list of photographers for your area, we do get over 20000 hits a month and could realy get you some good jobs, call me to speak about it.

                  Please contact me @ 714.277.4597 my name is Brian and I can help.

                  Heres our site:

                  Heres our portfolio:

                  Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!
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                    skydalimit Wayfarer
                    Hi my name is Ricardo "Sky Dalimit" Pierre, wow photo editing and graphic design in your community, you asking if this could be a potential business online my answer is yes indeed, you know how many people especially artist, models actors and entrepruenuerrs i have met online asking me for your type of services, and please check its a business social network where you can gain alot of clients customers in need of your services, and since you are already and will be gaining more customers the best thing you should do first now is to incorporate your business and i can help you with that.

                    i can incorporate/build business credit to be able to finance your business without personal credit, and help you get to customers who are in need of your business too, all for just one price of $1000 have any questions please email me at:

                    Ricardo "Sky Dalimit" Pierre