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    My Community Feedback

    EntreOrp Adventurer
      Here are my recommendations for this community:

      * Promote the site in branches. This site is a very valuable solution.
      * Setup a "forgot username" feature. - Allow people to enter their email addresses to retrieve this information.
      * Add option to resend activation code without the need to email support.
      * !!!!!!!!!!Do not require the username to be CASE SENSATIVE when logging in. In my experience, with any type of site that requires a login, the username is never case sensitive; only the password.
      * Allow signatures.
      * Don't allow new people to post a URL until they make a minimum (10 maybe) amount of posts that are checked for quality. This is because you get a lot of people who are only here to plug their own service.
      * Once you make a minimum amount of posts, you need to be tracked for quality. There are members (one in particular) who do not post ANY quality/informative information. I know the value of having an individual who can respond to every thread to start a conversation; but people can start to see through the smoke quickly.
      * Allow users to edit their post within a certain time period. We all make mistakes that we would like to correct.