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    Does your apparel Company need to save Money??

    Amber123 Newbie
      We understand that in today's economy most business's that are in the apparel manufacturing business are needing to save money. Many businesses in the apparel industry are closing down because there is no money to keep up a warehouse or pay idle warehouse workers. We are a solution for you. We offer distribution, fulfillment warehousing, Edi support/Training, and back office/Call centers. We have companies from all sized whether they are shipping to Macy's, Nordstrom's, or small boutiques. We are here to help. We have helped little companies grow and our service allows little companies to compete against large multi-million dollar companies. We can do anything from sales reps, call centers, shipping, and EDI. We not only give classes on EDI, but we also can do your edi for you if it is something that is too confusing. We are flexible and extremely affordable. The cost is extremely low compared to running your shipping in-house. If this service is something that is of interest email me at