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    PLEASE review my website

    Matt0504 Newbie

      I'm looking for good, constructive criticism as opposed to warm-and-fuzzy comments (I can get those from mom!)
      Thank you!
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          EntreOrp Adventurer
          Great start.

          1. Your meta tags need to be created. If you want to be picked up and shown correctly in search engines, you must put in accurate keyword rich titles.

          2. Your website should fit in a standard browser without the need to scroll left or right.

          3. Your menu bar needs to fit on the first fold of the screen. Consumers do not like to search around your site to find where they need to go. Basically saying, your FULL MENU must be seen when the visitor first visits your site, without the need to scroll. Recommendation move it to the header or make the boxes to the left smaller.
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            piranimg Newbie
            Hi Matt:

            I agree, if you want warm-and-fuzzy you can get that from your mom! Here' are my thoughts:

            • Make sure that the entire site can fit on a 1280x800 screen (which means your content has to stay within 780 pixels)
            • Try moving your navigation to near the top and make it horizontal. Also, try changing from buttons to text only (buttons are somewhat old style now)

            • Use a light background color (i.e. white is great!)
            • Add a logo if you have one. Always put your logo anything you use, its how you create a brand image
            • Reduce content on home page. If people want to learn more, make them click through your site. This will keep them on the site longer

            • Meta Keywords: Reduce to and keep under 10 keywords
            • If you can, try creating the page using CSS.

            Just some thoughts!
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