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    Need a mentor........

    KALTIFK Newbie
      I want to start a business that purchases excess, surplus, closeouts inventory from manufacturers, retail and warehouse businesses. I need someone with this kind of business experienceor knowledge to give me advise and guidance. Can any one help.

      Thank you
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          WEBillions Adventurer
          I am definitely not an expert on this. However, if you would like some general advice, please check out This blog will have some details
          about how to pick your name, advice about picking partners, and lots of
          other good info.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            KALTIFK, I would be happy to volunteer to give you advice and guidance.
            Tell me more. How soon do you want to start? Where are you located??
            What is your background?? Do you have the FUNDS??
            How about a BUSINESS PLAN??
            Stay in touch, LUCKIEST
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                KALTIFK Newbie

                Thank you Luckiest.

                To answer your queries.

                I started without a formal business plan but with a business outline. The company is set up, the website is ready, pretty much every thing else is done. This is my background. I have been in auto finance for several years, but have dabbled in the purchase of general merchandise for quite sometime, buying and selling at a small scale. I feel this might be the natural progression. I just need advise and guidance on how to seek and find information regarding the purchase of surplus merchandise from businesses, basic information on what is the normal percentage paid on this kind of merchandise etc.


                Any help will be appreciated.