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    DCAA Audit for Dept of Defense work?

    plutustech Newbie
      The DoD levies some heavy accounting rules on a business to work on cost plus fixed fee contracts... the first accounting firm told me it was too much work for them to do and would be prohibitively expensive anyway. Anyone have experience with this process? The bigger companies use $10k per month gov't centric accounting software... way out of my budget. Any thoughts?
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          EntreOrp Adventurer
          Have you won a contract and want to make sure your numbers are accurate? Whats your ultimate goal?

          Do you want to make sure you are running the right software to comply with the government standards?

          If you tell us what your goal is, we might be able to be more helpful.
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              plutustech Newbie
              My ultimate goal is to be able to work on CPFF contracts so I can accuratly track cost changes, etc. I'm currently working under FFP and T&M contracts, and purchase orders. I also need the audit to become a permanent subcontractor or contractor any of these contracts. I'm a pretty small operation (currently 4 guys) so as I understand it software solutions such as Deltek are way out of my price range. I'd like to keep cost to a minimum as lower rates is the main selling point I have to offer the gov't over the big players
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                  DomainDiva Ranger
                  This should have been handled before you accepted the FFP & T&M contracts. You are being quoted higer prices since you are already in progress and there is a lot of 'forensic work' (going back and verifying data and doing the input) that has to be done to make sure that the account ledgers are current.

                  Contact your state CPA board and see if you can't get a reference from them. Someone sharp, starting out may take you on now that the first tax deadline has passed and there is a little more breathing room. If you are looking at Deltec, are you able to manage it yourself? Do you have an accounting background? I am assuming you are looking at the Wind2 CGM solution for government contracts. Sometimes software is sold and licesned by the number of users, since you are so small you may be able to negotiate a better price. Contact their sales department, software sales peoeple will always talk and they can actaully be quite helpful.

                  Good Luck. DD