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    my new business

    sweetkitty Newbie
      Hello everyone i start a new business , is about travel i have my own web page and it is amaising but i have a problem dont know to get traffic or customers . Let me tell you about my business , is power by platinum 1 destinatios . Is the best travel booking engine that i see around, we have the best prices in vacations packages, hotels ,resorts ,car rental is exellent for business, personal and vacations for all your family. Is good business oportunitie but i dont know how advertise it.We have 24/7 live customer services for any problem or question. I like to invite all my friends in this little comunitie to visit my web side and post a message about what you think about it please. thank you so much ,i am happy to be part of this communitie helping everyone and charing new experience and conceurns. Thank you so much .
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          First of all, you need to find out who love to travel and find out where are those people.

          Sending out email or asking families or friends to check it out is not enough and is wasting time. You need to do research on Internet and find out what traveler do to get their deals. There are so many travel related affiliate site or communities out there. You need to find out where they get their buyers.

          Search engine marketing is the best way to get your organic traffic without paying fortune. Don't hire marketing company to do all your advertisement or pay per click campaigns before you know who to target and where to target.

          Good luck to your online business. Travel is a great niche to do business.
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              sweetkitty Newbie
              Hi there thank you for your advice but i have one more question for you , where i find those people or travelers? i have a company doing my advertise but no result . What cant i do , you mind the social networking ? I haven't go there, i dont know what to do in those websides ? Everybody tell me the same thing . thank you again for you help. dayerina recio.
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                  Building an online business require a long term strategies. It's like building your fan and audiences.

                  First and most important way to get your business going is to understand what you are selling and why people want to buy from you. The answer for that is to be ONE OF THEM.

                  Here is my suggestions.
                  1. Optimized your travel web site for better search engine traffic
                  2. Put up travel blog and join other travel communities/forum to talk about travel, but don't spam!
                  3. Build your online appearance freely. Facebook, Twitter, and many other social network sites will help you get known by others.
                  4. Join business traveler related communities and offer FREE travel plan for the new members of the forum. So the owner of the forum will allow you to do FREE advertisement. Many consultants travel all the time. They will come back to buy if they like your services.

                  Remember, it takes time to build up your online appearance and reputation. Again, be one of them to understand why they want to buy from you!
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                LUCKIEST Guide
                My new business, Welcome Dayerina

                It sounds like you need a Business and Marketing Plan.

                SCORE can help. SCORE is FREE

                Good luck, LUCKIEST
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                    sweetkitty Newbie

                    Hello thank you for your advice but what do you mind by i need a business and plan? i have the business , i need a marketing plan yes , i am traing to do the best i cut looking for advice in everything . All this new business, marketing is new to me so , if you have an advice please postet here or contact me . Thank you dayerina recio.
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