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    Starting a business

    kjworford Newbie
      I want to open a small clothing store that caters to families with budgets my original location was Hutto Tx
      but im gonna relocated to Salt Lake City Utah i have found a great location in the downtown area is this a good move or shold i stay in Hutto?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Starting a business, Welcome

          Good question. Tell us more.

          Why Salt Lake City??
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              kjworford Newbie

              Well i was gonna relocated there before i started up in hutto tx but my fiance wants to stay here in hutto now plus i think urban apparel would sale better in Hutto it would be the only clothing store in town it caters to everyone the neariest clothing store is 20 miles away the population is 35,000 and growing. Hutto also has the fastiest growing school district in the nation, so now im gonna continue with starting my business here i have a central location on the main highway its a new building its 3825 SF. there's restaurants and other shops. Im confident my business will have a big jump start here i already have people ready to shop at my store i have Round Rock Hutto and Taylor now im looking for a small loan to start.