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    Selling Wood Furniture from Belize in America

    edsjunior Wayfarer
      Hi everyone

      I am new here so thank you for your patience. I was browsing the inet
      looking for a possible business opportunity with a partner in America
      with furniture and wooden crafts. I am from Belize Central America and
      own a small furniture store where I sell almost any type of furniture
      from cheap furniture to more classy mahogany or exotic wooden
      furnitures. I believe there is a great potential market out there and
      with the right people with the appropriate drive in excelling we can
      both benefit. Is anyone willing to help develop this idea or even
      guide me to interested people I would be most appreciative. My email is cell# 501-610-2068. I am not the biggest shop in town but should this idea materialze there is greater potential for expanding. I am currently working on a website for the business and hope to have it soon. Please dont hesitate to contact me if you are or know someone interested in such type of business.

      Best Regards

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          edsjunior Wayfarer
          Anyone interested on wooden furniture? From mahogany to more exotic hardwoods. Please contact me
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              st.louis Newbie
              i might be interested in helping with your project, and hope you might be able to help me with mine.

              i live in ontario, canada and have a carpentry background but my real passion is food and hospitallity. i am looking at moving to belize to open up or take over a restaurant/ bar. i've been doing lots of research and have a game plan, but not actually being there has made wonder where to start looking. any suggestions on locations? everwhere looks nice but like anywhere else there are good areas and there are bad areas. i plan a trip there in october, but would like to have a set game plan in play rather than wander around aimlessly.

              as for the furniture, there are many places to sell it, but what is the cost in delivering it? there are many trade shows for displays, and internet for orders.(one example)
              i look forward to speaking with you
              chad st. louis