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    Managing 2 jobs: Full-time and your own business?

    dazzler Wayfarer
      Hello. I was wondering who has a full-time job and then on top of that, has their own business? Do you have any tips how you manage to juggle it all? Do you pop lot's of vitamins and drink lot's of Starbuck's? LOL! But, seriously - - -I day dream all day at work what I plan to do with my business when I get home and then when I get home finally in the evening, all I want to do is take a "nap"! Ughhh! Any advise?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Lots of advice. First you need to take a time management course.
          It is nice that you have a full time job and that you have time to day dream.
          Do you really have a second business?? or is that just another dream??
          Are your day job and your second business similar??
          Are you making money at this evening business. Some people find that
          money is a great motivator.
          Tell us more. LUCKIEST
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              dazzler Wayfarer
              I'm a little bit insulted. I do have a full-time job and I do have my own business on top of that which is successful and makes money. I know you're just trying to be helpful but you're assuming I'm living in some sort of fantasy-world. I don't day-dream all day per se, it was only an "expression" because we all have random thoughts running through our head during the day from time to time about what we should do or plan to do at a later date. I really don't need a time management class; perhaps just more self-discipline. I really would like to hear from other real business owners and people in the community, but everytime I ask a question it seems the same 2 people keep answering me real quick and squash my question down. :-(
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                  LUCKIEST Guide
                  Dazzler, all I can do is try.
                  Take the info you supply and try to answer.
                  Your original question was full of day dreaming and naps.
                  How are we to know "only an expression" from the truth.
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                    Lighthouse24 Ranger

                    You seem a bit frustrated with the responses you're receiving. I think you have every reason to be if you feel that you've asked a sincere and specific question, and received a flippant and general response to it -- or worse, a pitch to sell you something.

                    That said, please keep in mind the everyone here is giving their knowledge and expertise away freely, and people can only freely give what they HAVE to give. Also, remember that by clicking the question box when you submit a post, you get the power to highlight the feedback and responses that you find most helpful, and to provide at least a "psychic reward" (if not a monetary one) to the people who gave you the most.

                    Thanks for your participation!

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                  DomainDiva Ranger

                  I am on a contract all day and I work the domain and other responsibilities in the evening and weekends and all night and whenever I can. Actually my full time job is contracting so I have to make sure that I have enough 'work' to keep me busy and the income flowing.

                  Here are the things that have helped me:

                  1. Plan your meals, put a meal list on the fridge and shop only accordingly to the meal list. Use the crock pot. This is the most important thing you can do...dinner takes up a lot of time. Make sure hubby & kids help clean up.

                  2. Set aside your own place to work.

                  3. Have a daily or weekly goal list of what you need to get done to make that dream a reality. As soon as you complete a goal check it off. At the end of the week, review your prorgess. Make yourself accountable to yourself. If you diid not complete a goal identify the reason. (If its your fault and you were in front of the TV you have to own that too m'dear).
                  DO NOT set unreasonable goals for yourself like having a business plan, exe summary and website up in one week. Be gentle with yourself to start and then turn up the heat as you get into your new routine.

                  4. Make sure family members 'respect' your work time. Even if it is only one hour a night.

                  5. Some people work best early in the AM. Start getting up an hour + 15 minutes earlier (15 minutes to get going and coffee).

                  6. Do laundry 'on the run', put in a load before you leave for work, toss it in the dryer when you get home. Make sure the family helps fold and put away.

                  I could not do what I do without the suppoprt of my hubby. (we are empty nesters), but that does not mean that there are not meals, laundry and other chores as well as 24 ;). We share equally in the 'load' and my business is better for it.

                  7. Schedule one night a week for bills and accounts updating...Wednesday is my day for Quickbooks and bills. I have a file folder with IN on the front and I put all the bills and statements in that folder as soon as I get them so they are right there for me the next Wednesday that rolls around.

                  8. Schedule a housecleaning day or time period and make sure everyone helps.

                  You CAN do it...just make a small plan you will be fine.
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                    Biz Online Adventurer
                    Yes, time management is the trick.
                    When I was going through the same, working FT and starting my business, I had more energy when I ate better and got in a little exercise.
                    I also looked at what was keeping me from getting things done: cooking big dinners, TV, unwinding, entertaining.

                    You need to re-motivate yourself towards your business, and focus your energies towards that if it is your passion. Got an hour for lunch? Eat a brown bag lunch and use the other 45 minutes for your business. That's 15 hours a month right there!

                    I agree with the goal setting, too. But keep your list short. Long lists get stared at, short lists get action (2 to 4 items only at a time).

                    And before you make the leap from your FT job to your business, have 6 to 12 months of living expenses saved up. Also, determine your investment for your business to really get it succeeding, and have that saved as well.
                    Good luck,
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                      BDS INC Adventurer
                      I would answer your question by DomainDiva provide my answer. She makes great points in her post, time management is critical.

                      If your aspiration is to eventually leave your job and run your company full time, then one thing I did when I was in your position is develop a cash and countdown schedule. I put myself on a budget timeline, saving the cash I needed to pay my bills, etc. for 1 whole year. I cut out coffee, I ate Ramon noodles, anything I could do to save money. The thing I noticed is that by not eating out or doing additional things that costs a ton of money, I actually got more time back in my day, which meant more time to plan and grow my business.
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                        kymmotley Newbie

                        Hi -- I have found it helpful to make a list of to-dos for the week -- small things for after work hours or early in the AM before work and then tackle the big things on the weekend. Also, since time is limited, focus on a strategy that will make your company scalable (outsourcing, distribution, etc). Otherwise, you'll kill yourself trying to do everything by yourself. Good luck.
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                          Lighthouse24 Ranger

                          I have great respect for you and anyone else who can do work a full time job while building a business of your own (same respect for those who earn college degrees while working full time).

                          The key lessons you'd get from a time management course:


                          1. Take care of yourself - sleep, diet, exercise - all the stuff they taught us 4th grade Health.


                          2. Make lists, and prioritize everything on the basis of two things: importance (how much real value it contributes to your life goals) and urgency (how soon you have to do it before it becomes a bigger problem that requires more time). Block out large chunks of your available time to work exclusively on "important" tasks, with periodic short breaks to deal with any "urgent" things (which are usually important to someone else, but trivial to you in terms of their contribution to your goals).


                          3. Most "important" work can be planned in advanced, so protect your blocks of "important" time from interruptions. Be brutally selfish here, and remind anyone who tries to interrupt that you'll be available to deal with "urgent" tasks at 9:30 (or whenever).


                          4. When you take a break to handle "urgent" items, multi-task. Do two or three things simultaneously, and don't spend any more time on them than necessary. Finish them off fast.


                          5. Share your goals and dreams with others, and ask for their help if there is something they could do to that would allow you to be more productive. Be sure to thank them for each thing they do, and never stop telling them how important their support is to you.

                          In a way, working full time for another employer while working to build your own business is like having an affair (without all those troublesome Commandment-breaking implications). Some people may be able to do both for years, but most cannot. If your goal is to eventually quit your job and be in business for yourself full time, don't just imagine it -- set an expicit timeline and build a business plan that makes it happen. If you don't really believe that's feasible, scale back your revenue expectations for the business, at least for now, and enjoy the work itself. It's a cliche, but when you do what you love, the money really does follow.


                          Best wishes!
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                            Outsider Newbie
                            Perhaps take on a business partner. I myself am in the middle of starting up a company and constantly feel overwhelmed. In the beginning you spend 90% of you time and energy working your "day" job and 10% on your business venture with the hope being that gradually that will shift to you spending more of your time on you own business and less on your full time employment.

                            What helped me eventually to get over this feeling of being pulled in many directions was taking on a business partner. This way we share the load of responsibility both financially and mentality. I found one of the most daunting task was finding out how to do things. Should I incorporate and how? How to start a website? Where do I get start up capital for financing of the business? Well my business partner helped me with some of these things and although I could have eventually done it all myself, I feel I saved time and money with his help.

                            Psychologically I working with another person who's in there with me fighting toe to toe. It's nice to not work on my business one day knowing full well my partner is working on it and to be able to start something where some one else can complete it. I'm sure he feels the same way..if not I guess he'll post his own blog about that!

                            So that's my advice get a partner or two or three for that matter - They're usually right there in front of you perhaps even a competitor. Sometimes merging with another company or taking on someone who wants to do the same thing as you can be just what it takes to create that balance you seem to be seeking.
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                              karaokekrazy Newbie
                              I have a full time job and a business also. The only way i do it is only the weekend since the type of business i have is special event planning with additional services like DJ, Photography, Video Coverage and Master of Ceremonies etc. If there's anything to do like editing videos or photos, I will do it at night for 2 hours. I make it a point that I don't overdo anything and keep a time for myself also.
                              Time management is optimal there is a quadrant that you can use for you.
                              Quadrant 1 represents things which are both urgent and important. We've called this "firefighting". The activities need to be dealt with immediately, and they're important.
                              !! Quadrant 2 represents things which are important, but not urgent. We've termed this one "Quality Time". Although the activities here are important, and contribute to achieving the goals and priorities - they don't have to be done right now. As a result, they can be scheduled in when you can give quality thought to them. A good example would be the preparation of an important talk, or mentoring a key individual. Prayer time, family time and personal relaxation/recreation are also part of Quadrant 2.
                              !!Quadrant 3 are distractions. They must be dealt with right now, but frankly, are not important. For example, when you answer an unwanted phone call, - you've had to interrupt whatever you were doing to answer it.
                              !!The final quadrant, Quadrant 4, are things which are neither urgent nor important. Some meetings could fall into this category - they've been scheduled in advance, but if they achieve nothing, or you don't contribute to them, then they have simply wasted time. Other examples could include driving time and low quality relaxation or family time.
                              Make sure you identify what task you have to accomplish and make sure you know what is urgent and what is important to be able to be successful in managing your time.
                              Hope this helps. It's just a matter of priority. Don't forget about your health as the old saying goes, Health is Wealth.
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                                WEBillions Adventurer
                                So, I am a full time physics graduate student, working about 40 hours a week or so on my internet business, AND I'm pregnant. There are definitely days that I just want to go home and sleep. Occassionally, I have to. But, if it's just that I'm feeling lazy, I'll sit in my big recliner chair and work on stuff on my laptop. Since I love working on the website because I feel passionate about it, I can stay enthusiastic about getting things done. But if my website ( were just a money making scheme and not a great way to help people, I might not be able to stay pumped up.
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                                  hvnlycleaner Newbie
                                  Hey dazzler,
                                  I know how you feel. I have a job, and I do online school and I have my own cleaning business. DomainDiva was right on point. You just have to make a schedule and get the support from your family. Your family will play a big role in your success. My husband and my two kids are phenominal. They clean, cook and wash the clothes for me during the week. On Saturdays they let me sleep a little extra. My kids keep me on track as far as my clients cleaning schedules. Sometimes things get hetic so my daughter is responsible for keeping a check on my calendar. If you have kids or a husband place them in charge of something to do. This gives kids a since of responsibility and they love helping out.

                                  Good Luck,
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                                    moogrdotcom Adventurer
                                    I work full time, Have my startup business (which is another full time) and I have a 3 year old with another on the way next month. I also ref for an all womens flat track roller derby league, enjoy my hobies still and hang out with friends and family.

                                    I'm one of those "I'll sleep when i'm dead" folks. Mind you, i love sleep, but life is too short. My business is motivation enough to keep me going on those sour days when its hard to wake up. Nothing like seeing the nighly credit card sweep into my bank account and the fact i'm getting further and further ahead of bills and expenses.
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                                      brandoneley Newbie
                                      It's definitely possible. I was full-time self employed with several businesses - a consulting firm, e-commerce and retail store, and network of websites that generated money through ad sales. When I sold my consulting firm and went to work at an advertising agency full-time, I learned that it's not as easy juggling a "JOB" as it is being self employed and being able to multi-task throughout the day as I saw fit.

                                      One thing I would suggest is to make sure your employer is OK with you owning a business. It will affect you at your job, so having an employer who is supportive is very important. My employer, who also bought my consulting business, knew about my other businesses and the constraints up front, so there were no surprises if I needed to drop by my retail store to meet someone, for instance.

                                      About managing all the work -- I would suggest reading The E-Myth Revisited. The gyst of it is to develop a documented system, and then learn to delegate. You alone can only work so many hours a day/week. But if you delegate, you can accomplish much more. It's a good book and a must-read for every entrepreneur.
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                                        LUCKIEST Guide
                                        a little bit insulted, Have you gotten the helpful answers that you were looking for since your post??.
                                        Sometimes it takes more info to help answer a question correctly.
                                        Happy new year, LUCKIEST
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                                          Hey Dazzler, If your Day Job gives you access to a computer you can work on your small business, like checking e-mail and if you have VoIP business phone you can use the control panel access to check your voice mail via your e-mail,so when you get home you would have done somethings already. All on your lunch break ;-)