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    What should I do for a shipping address?

    TruthWearLLC Newbie
      I am starting a home based business and I cannot have product shipped to my home. I am thinking about a PO box but Im not sure if they can recieve large amounts of shipment. What should I do? Any help is very appreciated. Thank you
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Check with your local UPS Store or a similar operation. They rent mailboxes, but unlike a PO, they have a physical street address and provide shipping/receiving services. Metro areas have "virtual office" services that include all the above, plus your own company phone number with an answering service and/or voice messaging included (some are located in pretigious buildings, giving you the appearance of having an impressive office). Search on-line for these -- you'll see several options.

          Be sure to advise your business credit card company of whatever new address you choose if you plan to use the card for purchases delivered there.

          Best wishes.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            How soon will you be starting this new business??
            Lighthouse gave you a great answer.
            It is very important to have a business name and an address (including phone numbers)
            that will be the same on all your forms and business cards. (like invoices and checks).
            Have you written a BUSINESS PLAN??
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              BDS INC Adventurer
              Truthwear - UPS store is a great place to ship and receive your packages - they will set you up with a mail box with your own personal street address. 9 years ago when I opened my first company I did the same thing with what then was mailboxes, etc.

              Good luck!
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                dazzler Wayfarer
                I totally agree, that the UPS Store is the BEST for personal and business reasons! I have used them for 7 years now. First, it started personally because I lived in a gated community. Every time I had a package, the mail carrier would or wouldn't be able to deliver or leave the package at the front gates. Sometimes, I got a notice, sometimes it was even a "final" notice! I always had to go to the post-office to pick up my packages which is a pain and a drain on your time. Now, the UPS Store takes them all in for me. When I started my own business 3 years ago, the UPS Store was excellent because it provides a business address, therefore keeping your home residence private. The UPS Store takes in your mail and packages and lately, they have really been providing some terrific misc. services like coming in their own van to drop off your items to your home or they sell your items on ebay, etc. If you are in the parking lot, you can call them for them to come out to your car....I am really pleased with my local UPS Store!