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    What are the main factors in Onpage Optimization?

    VirtualAss Newbie
      Hi this is Avdhesh Mahajan -

      My question is whether there is strong knowledge of language require or not?

      I just need basic idea behind onpage optimization.
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          mrwebdesign Newbie

          For onpage optimization there are so many things to consider but here are a few things to consider....

          1.) In your title tag and meta data include information relevant to the web page while implementing targeted keywords and phrases. To find which keywords you should utilize analyze your competitors websites and use the search engines to find the most searched for queries.

          2.) Write content that is meant for visitors rather than the search engines. What I mean by that is make your content beneficial to your visitor without stuffing it full of keywords. While you should include keywords in your content don't stuff your content with them.

          3.) Use the h1 tag for your important information when it is not in the middle of content, and use the strong tag when the important information is in the middle of a paragraph

          4.) Optimize your images for fast load time and give each one a short, simple, and descriptive alt tag

          5.) Structure your website in a manner that makes it easy to find your pages. A good way to do this is to have a sitemap page and link every page to it via the footer section.

          There is so much more but this should get you started.