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    Looking for a small buisness loan.

    Millerland Newbie
      Ive been Landscaping for many years and decided to start up my own buisness since i have done all the work for my employer. I alresdy have many clients just need some start up money. I dont want to use my personal credit, is there anyother way? Please any help would be great.Looking for around $3500.
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          bounceman Wayfarer
          Just curious you say you have customers, are they yours or your employer? If they are yours then approach them and sell contracts with down payments collected used to start up your company.
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            Bridge Navigator
            If you want to be a business, get use to taking some risk; i.e. using your persoanl credit. If you do not believe enough in your business to invest/risk in it, how do you expect someone else to?
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              phanio Pioneer
              Very hard to get any type of funding - especailly business capital - without using your personal credit.

              There are a few resources that may be able to help you - they deal mostly with small businesses and understand credit issues (meaning that they do not put that much emphasis on credit scores as some traditional banks. Please visit our website - - we provide information and resources for small or new businesses looking for capital - we charge nothing. Feel free to browse around. If you cannot find what you are looking for - please contact us through the website and we will be glad to help - again - no cost.

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