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    Request seed funding $500000 for animation company in India

    DVDMaker Newbie

      I am an Animation Director / Visual effects artist with 15 years of experience in the field. I request funding of $500 000 for starting an animation company. I have a couple of prospects lined up who have expressed interest to work with me. I am currently associated with a startup company as the top executive but the investor is having trouble with the cash flow. Deciding on this to realize an oppurtunity and save the team in hand.


      Have a business plan.
      I have a team in place that is disbanded because of the financial issue
      Like I mentioned have customers interested in working with me
      Can you guys fund for an Indian company?
      Expected Return on investment in the second year. 6th quarter onwards.
      No I do not have personal funds (anymore) as I have been already helping my ex-team mates.

      Whatever it is worth:
      Thank you for all the people who give a hint of their wisdom, a ray of hope or just a pat on the shoulder for the people who seek. Thanks for being there. And for you, I promise I will keep my dreams alive.

      Profound Thanks!