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    LLC, State web based small business question

    BCEagle Newbie

      I recently launched a website where the primary source of income will be from advertisements on the site. My business partner registered our LLC in Delaware last July. I live in Massachusetts and he lives in New York. Since this is a web based business, all of the work is done online out of my home. So, I have a few questions...

      1. Do we need to register the business as a Foreign LLC in Massachusetts as well since I live there? Or, since the business is online, can we just stick with the Delaware registration?

      2. I went to open a small business bank account at a local Massachusetts bank and was told that we will need a business certificate from my town first. I explained that we are an online business, but I'm not sure they knew what to do with it. I asked my town clerk and they told me I needed to register with the state. Is this necessary (see 1 above)? I believe it costs over $500 to regsiter as a foreign LLC in Massachusetts. All we want to do is open a bank account for the business. Can we instead just open a bank account at a Delaware bank?

      Thanks in advance!